Plan an Oh-so Pretty Debut—Here's How

  |  Feb 22, 2015
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Your definition of a pretty debut may not be the same as someone else's—and that's a good thing. Not only would you want a party filled with to-die-for details, but also one that reflects your unique personality

So how do you plan a gorgeous debut that's undoubtedly yours? Check out the tips below. 

 1  Find inspiration from your interests.
Are you at the beach every weekend? Do you watch one movie before you go to sleep? Ask yourself what you love to do—something that everyone associates you with. You just need that spark of inspiration to get you excited about the debut preparations. From there, you can explore several debut themes that catch your fancy.

 2  Let your imagination run wild, but edit ideas.
You'll find that finally choosing a theme can be a great feeling. You can create your own debut moodboard (Hello, Pinterest!) to gather images of the things you'd want to have at your party. Remember to also practice restraint. Learn to edit ideas so that your debut details are cohesive. For example, if you love fancy masks but you'll have a nautical-themed affair, you'll have to do away with the masks because they don't match the theme.

 3  Come up with a color palette, and stick to it.
Colors will help you set the mood for your debut, too. If you want something punchy, go for jewel colors. Or you can choose pastels for a more delicate feel. Stick to one or two hero colors, and then use some neutrals as accents. Cascade your motif to your suppliers so that they know what specific shades you'll be using.


 4  Incorporate a recurring element to tie everything together.
When you've finally chosen a theme and color palette, find ways to translate its signature elements into debut ideas. Pick a detail that reflects your theme, and then use that in various details so your debut looks pulled together. For a Breakfast at Tiffany's-themed affair, for example, incorporate pearls into the decor, cake, invites--even your dress! Or you can put your stamp (literally) on your debut elements by decorating them with your special monogram.

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