Pinoy Streamer's Discord Tutorial on How to Conduct Classes with Less Data

Discord isn't only for gamers!
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Sep 22, 2020
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Every day, students and teachers have to go through a series of online classes, usually done on platforms like Zoom. What most may not know is that Zoom actually takes up a pretty hefty amount of data, which isn't ideal given that internet connection on the daily can get pretty slow despite being on the pricey side.

Pinoy streamer Jameson Lu knows this all too well, so he decided to come up with a possible solution in hopes of helping out his fellow students and teachers: transfer online classes to the platform Discord.

Discord, much like Zoom, is an instant messaging platform with plenty of features. It's most commonly used by gamers and streamers because it allows for the integration of video game platforms like Steam and Twitch. Jameson also points out that Discord uses less data and bandwidth compared to its counterparts. "Discord is very data-friendly and its features are more than enough for standard online classes," he says in a Facebook post.


If you're a teacher who wants to try it out for your own classes (or if you want to suggest using Discord to your prof), Jameson crafted a pre-existing server template, free of use, so you won't have to start from scratch. Once you've launched his template on Discord, all you have to do is customize the icon and the server name (both are optional, but it helps to put a label so you can keep track of all your classes easily).

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Next, make sure the professor should be assigned the Teacher role. Give the Administrator role to a trusted participant. If your class has an assigned beadle, they may take on this role. Lastly, you just need to invite the rest of the class to join your server by manually inviting them or sending them the invite link. To join, students only need to have an email-verified Discord account and the Discord app downloaded on their devices. 


Read Jameson's entire Facebook post about online classes on Discord here:


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