Philippine Science Scholars Could Face Legal Action for Not Choosing Science Courses in College

PSHS wants the scholars to return the money it spent on them.
by Mario Alvaro Limos for Esquire PH   |  Sep 2, 2021
Image: Jun Pinzon
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Forty-five graduates of the Philippine Science High School are facing legal action for enrolling in non-Science and Technology courses in college.

According to the PSHS, it spent P4.9 million on the scholars who did not enroll in Science and Technology courses after graduating from the state's premier science high school. Scholars are bound by a contractual obligation to pursue Science-related courses in college.

The 45 scholars, who allegedly reneged on their contractual obligation to pursue Science-related courses, must return the P4.9 million spent by the school or face legal action.

The Commission on Audit (COA) has flagged the scholars for not returning the funds to the state science high school. According to the state auditor, the scholars breached the Scholarship Award Agreement, according to a report by the Manila Bulletin.

What is the Scholarship Agreement?

Scholars and their parents sign a Scholarship Award Agreement with the Philippine Science High School upon enrollment. Under this agreement, the students and their parents are bound to enroll the scholar in a Science and Technology course in college after graduating from the PSHS. In return, the school provides various support, incentives, and assistance to its scholars.


Legal Action vs Pisay Scholars and Parents

“Outstanding receivables of two campuses amounting to P4,937,309.28 from scholars who did not enroll in Science and Technology courses in college remained uncollected for more than three years, thus, depriving, the government of additional funds that could have been utilized to finance other priority programs and projects,” the COA said in a statement.

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The state auditor has urged the PSHS to collect the amount from the scholars and their parents.

According to the COA, PSHS scholars and their parents could face legal action if they fail to reimburse the school for the expenses it incurred due to the scholarships awarded.


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