She’s The Voice You Hear When You’re On Board A PAL Flight, And So Was Her Mom

by Mylene Mendoza   |  May 12, 2020
Image: INSTAGRAM/inkamagnaye
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For the travel junkies, out there, we understand how much you miss boarding a plane and jetting off to a new destination. For now though, here’s a story that’ll take you back to the good old days of traveling.

If you've ever booked a flight with Philippine Airlines, you’ll most likely recognize the voice of Inka Magnaye. In a now-viral video, Inka revealed that she was the in-flight voice-over talent for PAL, the same exact voice you hear giving you flight precautions right before takeoff. And in a wonderful stroke of coincidence, Inka also shared that her mom had the same exact stint for PAL back in the ‘90s!

In the said clip, Inka along with her mom Lindy Pellicer—with her 40 years of industry experience—took turns reciting the script for PAL’s in-flight instructional script, and it’s safe to say it left us shook and amazed. Hear it for yourself:


“Clients were amazed because out of a blind audition where several women sent in their samples, my voice was chosen, without knowing who I was or who my mom was, because I sounded the most like their brand. And it made sense because my mom was the sound of their brand, and I sound like my mom,” Inka share in her Instagram post.

Who is Inka Magnaye?

Aside from having voice talents as parents, Inka has 26 years of experience as an announcer, voice-over talent, events host, and radio DJ. In case you can't get enough of her ASMR-worthy voice, she also did a version of that anxiety-inducing announcement from the thriller film The Purge:

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Inka Magnaye was born in 1989 and turned 31 years old in 2020. In an Instagram post, she's shared that her first love will always be radio. "In all honesty, my radio training built the foundations of my triumphs today, and I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for the 8 beautiful years I spent on the air."

She used to be a DJ at 99.5 Play FM and her voice was behind this popular radio spiel. Currently, her podcast, Sleeping Pill with Inka, is the number one podcast in the Philippines on Spotify.

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I’ll be 4 years off the air this November, but I still have dreams about nailing 9-second intros, mixing seamless segues, and have the occasional nightmare about missing a stop set (commercial block) or forgetting to line up the next song and realizing it last minute so I frantically scramble to look for a suitable song to play within the last 5 seconds of the song playing but missing that buzzer beater completely so I loudly string together a series of colorful curses to fill the GAPING SILENCE OF DEAD AIR before awkwardly playing a station stinger and drag up whatever track I clicked on. Ah, fun times. In all honesty, my radio training built the foundations of my triumphs today, and I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for the 8 beautiful years I spent on the air. Happy #nationalradioday to my first love ???

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