Party Protocol: Basic Rules for Your Debut Invitations

Check out some common rules for debut invitations and other stationery.
  |  Jan 3, 2015
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Announcing the details of your debut is one exciting task, as you can have your debut invitations come in a design that sets the tone for the celebration. As you plan to send out your invites and other related stationery, make sure that you follow the common rules for printed materials.

  • Sending Out Save-the-Date Cards
    While social media sites and texting make it easier to spread the word about your debut date, it would also be great to give guests a physical reminder of event. Send out your save-the-date reminders four to six months before the debut to give guests enough time to block off your chosen date. Guests who are out of the country sometimes need up to a year's notice so they can book flights.

  • Sending Out Debut Invitations
    Remember that not all your guests are tech-savvy. Ergo, sending outprinted invitations is still the way to go, especially among elder guests. Send out paper invites two months before the event date, so that guests still have time to respond.

  • RSVP Deadline
    Request your guests to confirm their attendance by including RSVP details, like the contact person and contact number, and the deadline for responses (two to three weeks before the debut party). If you're worried that guests might not phone the contact person, assign someone to call the guests.

  • Including Gift Preferences
    Traditionally, details of the gift registry aren't in the debut invitations--information is spread through word of mouth with the help of family and friends. If you think guests might not be comfy such details in your invites, just post the specifics on your debut website (if you have one). In the recent years, however, Filipinos have become more comfortable with including the gift preferences in invites.

  • Indicating Number of Seats
    Manage the headcount for the reception by letting your guests know how many seats you've reserved for them. You can put the RSVP details, along with the number of reserved seats, on the lower left corner of the invitation. Or allot a separate page for such information.

  • Announcing the Dress Code
    Help your guests get ready for your party by indicating the dress code. Among the common dress codes are black tie, formal, semi-formal, cocktail, and smart casual--but you may also ask guests to dress according to your chosen theme. Attire details are usually indicated on the lower right corner of the invitation's main page.

  • Sending Out Thank-you Notes
    After your debut, let your guests know how much you appreciate their presence at your party. A list of your debut gifts may also come in handy, so that you can customize your message for each guest. For example, you can say something like "I can't wait to use my new bag on my next out-of-town trip." Don't wait too long before sending out thank-you cards--give yourself until two months after your debut to finish this task.
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