Oh-So Grateful

23-year-old neo-soul singer Julianne tells Candy what she's thankful for—fronting for Gary V and winning a competition.
  |  Jun 4, 2007
photo courtesy of MCA Music, Inc.
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You've dreamt of it since you were a kid, how did it feel when you finally performed music professionally?

It was a surreal feeling but at the same time it felt like second nature to me. I felt at home on stage right away. I'm very blessed to be doing what I love most and get paid for it.

How did it feel to open a show for someone like Gary Valenciano?

It was a huge honor for me—close to the feeling of winning an award. It was a humbling experience as well. Every time I watch him perform, it's like I'm watching him for the first time. His passion and drive is infectious. I realized all the more that my desire to use my music to inspire and encourage people can really happen if I keep nurturing mine.

You (and your band Cruxada) won grand prize for the Nescafe De-wired competition a few years back. What made you decide to go solo?


My band Cruxada was a great stepping-stone for me in this business. I know it served its purpose well. After winning that contest, we gathered a lot of contacts in the music biz and started doing a lot of gigs. At that time, I was juggling school and gigs and I had a hard time balancing it. I felt like I was spreading myself too thinly. So I focused on school first for a while because I wanted to get school done as much as I could first. When I was ready to focus on my music, I took the necessary steps. I recorded my demo, formed a band to back me up, asked advice from my friends in the industry how I should go about it, while doing gigs and rackets on the side. The bottom line was, I just wanted to perform-whether it be in a band or as a solo artist. I was scared to go solo at first because I was used to being in a band. But all arrows were pointing to that, so I took a leap of faith and now all this happened.

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You took up Interior Design for college, are you planning to finish the course and will your pursue it as a career? Did you stop so you can concentrate on your singing?

I do plan to finish it if I do get the chance. I enjoyed my course a lot. Although in the middle of it all, it boiled down to pursuing what my true passion really was which was music.

A few of the artists you list as your influences are India Arie, Jill Scott, D'Sound, and Erykah Badu. What's on your list of most played tunes right now?

India Arie would be the most played. A lot of times I draw inspiration from her music. I've been listening to a lot of other artists too lately. Like Corinne Bailey Rae, John Mayer, AYO, Nerina Pallot, and Amy Winehouse.

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