5 Things to Tell Yourself When You Feel Like It Isn't Your Day

You got this, even if you feel like you don't.
by Charlene J. Owen for FemaleNetwork.com   |  Apr 24, 2017
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There are days when things just don't seem to go your way. Whether you simply weren't as productive as you had hoped to be in school, got drenched by sudden downpour and forgot your umbrella, or your Uber got your pickup point wrong and you had to play cat-and-mouse all over Ortigas because you didn't want to pay the cancellation fee, there will be times when life just won't hand you breaks. When these happen, remember that minor frustrations are just part of the adventure, and you can always tell yourself that.

  1. "Things could be worse."

Really, they could be. Instead of thinking about how down in the dumps you are, turn things around by being grateful for the nice things that have happened, because yes, they're there but you're probably not seeing them at the moment. Being aware of silver linings can help you brush the nasties off easier.

  1. "What would Amor Powers do?"

If your day is bad because someone made it so, stop yourself from going on a rampage and stay classy. Breathe, keep your temper in check, and if need be, allow yourself a smart comeback or two, but don't be the one to start a shouting match. Think about what Pangako Sa "Yo's Amor Powers would do, and let karma do the rest.

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  1. "This too shall pass."

Probably the most valuable lesson I learned from one of my high school teachers, "This too shall pass" is a statement of acceptance. There will always be things you can't control, and instead of raging against them, sometimes you just need to go with the flow and move on. This doesn't mean that you should be a doormat, but it reminds you that you should choose your battles wisely.

  1. "It will be okay."

Even when it doesn't feel like it, things will always turn out for the best. If you think you're at your lowest point, then there's no other way to go but up. It's okay to feel bad about your situation, and it's even okay to wallow, but at some point, you have to start changing your mindset. A dose of positivity can do wonders, and may even influence good, healing vibes to come in.

  1. "Maganda pa rin ako."

Flick on that liquid liner and swipe on that red lipstick because while life may throw you lemons, you're doing a Beyoncé with a pitcher full of lemonade. Strut your stuff, girl! The circumstances may not be pretty, but at least you are.

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