How to Take Minimalist Notes on MS Word if You Don’t Own a Tablet

by Mylene Mendoza   |  Nov 18, 2020
Image: Courtesy of Patrisha Dictado
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If you find yourself constantly watching student YouTubers' study vlogs, you're not alone. There's something about seeing someone else be productive that makes you motivated to do the same, too. In most study vlogs, you'll often see these student content creators do school work and achieve #aesthetic notes by using tablets.

If you don't own one, though, then that's totally okay and normal. Most students would be lucky enough to get by with just one device. The good news is, there's still a way for you to achieve your own digital notes without the help of a tablet. All you need is Microsoft Word.

Student YouTuber Patrisha Dictado, who is currently a biology major at UP Manila, shared how she takes minimalist and neat-looking notes on MS Word.

1. Customize your document format.

For starters, Patrisha makes sure her document format is set to her preference. In her case, it's A4-sized and margins are adjusted accordingly to make space for holes that are meant to fit her binders.


2. Maximize the space available.

Next, she divides her screen by adjusting the size of the programs open so that one side shows her reference materials and another side shows her MS Word. In her document, she divides the screen into two columns to save space.

3. Assign a certain format per heading.

For the heading of her notes, she uses the font Volkswagen and adds a bottom border to put more emphasis on it. Patrisha uses a table for the other subheadings to distinguish it from the rest of the content. She sets the color to gray for simplicity (but you can also color code your notes with your preferred color palette if that's more your style).

4. Make use of bullet points for the info.

Patrisha goes on to type the necessary info and puts them in bullet points to create a system. She also changes the font color of important terms to red. You also have the option to use your highlighters to emphasize terms that you need to remember.

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5. Take a screenshot of illustrations.

If your readings have illustrations or tables that would help you better understand the lessons, take a screenshot of them and paste them on your notes. Patrisha also uses other references aside from her book, like the PowerPoint presentations provided, for added information.

Learn more about her note-taking system below:


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