Mikee Lee Rocks The School Year

by Mikee Lee   |  Jun 21, 2010
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Summer vacation is already done, and it’s time to be excited for school once again! Here are a few tips on how to make this school year the most eventful, fun, and fruitful one of all:

  1. Be involved. Join a student organization.
    • I have been a member of student organizations ever since I was in high school. From joining the debate team in Ateneo High School to being an active member of AIESEC and my course’s home organization (Management Engineering Association), I have developed my interpersonal, leadership, and critical thinking skills which have helped me a lot in terms of gaining a wider view of the ‘real world’ that I will come to face after college.
    • Join a student organization which interests you and lets you express yourself freely, and allows you to develop who you are, while having a great time.
  2. Have fun. Invest your free time in a hobby or a sport.
    • As a student, I have often made it a point to get into a sport which allows me to have fun, be fit, and take away a lot of school-related stress. Sports I have been into are basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and Muay Thai. I also love watching boxing.
    • Whatever you really like doing, whether it’s a sport or a hobby (you may like art, cinema, or even anime), make sure you set aside time for it despite school being your priority. It allows you to be a well-balanced person, and keeps you from unnecessary worry. 
  3. Study well. Strive to be on the Dean’s List/ Honor Roll.
    • No matter how often people have mentioned that grades rarely matter anymore, I believe that they still do. It’s the most obvious way to tell if a student is hardworking, committed, and knows how to set his priorities. From my personal experience, getting consistent honors is not an easy task, but it can be done, and striving to work hard for school is a worthwhile experience that builds one’s character.
  4. Find a mentor. Look up to someone, but be careful.
    • Onofre Pagsanghan was my teacher, and he is also my idol. He has been teaching his students the value of hard work, perseverance, integrity, and love for Christ for over 50 years. I wish I can make him very proud of me someday.
    • It’s very good to look up to someone who has already experienced life and learned from it. School is a very good place to have mentors like your teachers, because they are very open to sharing their insights with you. Be careful of choosing who to look up to, though, because more often than not, you will emulate them.
  5. Use time wisely. Manage your time well.
    • It doesn’t matter what level in school you are in; school activities take a lot of time, whether they are academic, or extra-curricular. Manage your time really well so you can have a lot of time for friends, family, and whatever non-school-related thing you want to do. Keep a planner for your various tasks, so you can juggle your commitments.
  6. Have a solid support group. Pick the right friends.
    • I believe that my school life has been fruitful because of a great set of supportive friends who also have their priorities straight. As friends, we certainly know how to have a lot of fun, while we go through the challenges of school life.
    • Make sure you are open to meeting all sorts of people, so you can learn from different viewpoints. However, avoid being drawn to ‘friends’ who can influence you in a bad way, and who will not understand any situation you are going through. The best kinds of friends are those that you do not have to consciously please all the time. Real friends are there for you without counting the cost.
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