Maxene Magalona Debunks Myths

Talented teen star Maxene Magalona debunks popular myths and shares what she's learned through the years.
by Angel Constantino Aquino   |  Mar 24, 2010
photo by Pat Dy
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Family Ties
Myth: It's always fun to be part of a big family!"
Reality Check: "I'm the third of eight kids. There are a lot of happy moments but it can also be hard. We get short-tempered easily since we're crowded, and we also fight a lot. The great part is that we can share a lot of things and there's always someone cracking jokes. Though we're not perfect, the good times definitely outweigh the bad."

Love Bites
Myth: "My guy and I will live happily ever after!"
Reality Check: "Don't believe everything you see in the movies! I don't think a fairy-tale ending is ever really possible. There will always be problems in real life. When you're in love, your world shouldn't revolve around the other person—you have to think about your career, your education, and yourself."

Mean Girls
"It's cool to get into a catfight in high school."
Reality Check:
"I didn't really enjoy high school, since I was labeled ‘anak ng artista' and a lot of people were jealous—even though I was just a simple girl. High school is supposed to be fun! Don't fight over petty things. If people are mean to you, don't mind them. Just be yourself!"

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School Time
"You can't mix showbiz with school."
Reality Check:
"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. I schedule my classes in a way that won't conflict with my taping schedule. Everyone knows I'm still studying and they respect that. Even though I'm earning already, I know an education will take me a whole lot further."

Showbiz Glitz

Myth: "Being in showbiz is all about glamour!"
Reality Check:
"I used to think being an actress is all fun and freebies, but when I entered showbiz, I realized how hard it is. Even though you earn a lot, you don't have privacy anymore, and there's so much gossip. That's why I don't make showbiz the most important part of my life. I just try to enjoy what I do!"

Common Ground
"My boyfriend and I should have exactly the same interests."
Reality Check:
"I had a boyfriend who's into culinary arts while I'm studying social sciences. It's nicer to have a partner who has different interests, so that not everything you do has to concern each other. You have to know what your priorities are. Since you're still young, you have to think about being a good student and being a good daughter first."


Independence Day
"It feels great to have my own place."
Reality Check: "I share a condo with my sister Saab and my brothers Frank and Nic. We're always fighting about who should take out the trash and wash the dishes! It's good to be independent but it's not always fun and games—you have to be responsible and do everything on your own. The hardest part is when I miss my parents and younger siblings!"

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