Life Lessons from Marie Digby and Colbie Caillat

Get sound advice from these musicians.
by Marla Miniano   |  Nov 13, 2011
photos courtesy of MCA Music
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Marié Digby says:

  • Take risks.
    "I have a fascination with taking hip-hop or rock songs and seeing if they’d sound just as good with an acoustic guitar. It’s a fun challenge for me!"
  • Get past your insecurities.
    "My song 'Miss Invisible' is the exact story of my life in junior high. It was what every day was like in school. At first I tried to fit in, but nobody really wanted to talk to me or be my friend. I spent all of my lunches by myself in the library, and when that became too lonely to bear, I headed out to the football field and sat on the bleachers, where I could observe everyone else but no one could see me. But eventually, I had an epiphany that I didn’t want the way I looked to define me. I realized I wanted to do something great, and that my passion for music can actually give me confidence and make me a better person."
  • Let your emotions inspire you to create.
    "Any extreme emotion leads to the best songs. The best combination is when I’m sad and in love—I have feelings for someone but have no idea if he feels the same way."
  • Know your limits with guys.
    "I've actually made the first move, and it definitely did not work for me! I think it takes guys by surprise ‘cause I’m usually so sweet and shy, and it comes off as too forward and sudden when I ask them out. I need to be more subtle! I think it might work for others, but I’ve stopped doing it."
  • Variety is important.
    "If I were to form a singing group with other female artists, it would have to be really diverse. I'd choose Haley Williams from Paramore—I think it's fantastic that she's so young and has so much spunk. We'd have to work to convince Fiona Apple to join, but I'd want to have her there because she has such incredible depth. I love quirky Ingrid Michaelson for her stripped-down style, and we need sex appeal, so I'd have to say Nicole Scherzinger should be on board, too."
  • Maximize your resources.
    "I'd definitely encourage aspiring musicians to use both the modern and old-fashioned ways of promoting their songs. Going online and performing live are completely different. The Internet could work in getting your name out there, but you'll need the experience and preparation that only gigs and open mic sessions can give."

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