Life Is Sweeter With Candy

We spent the year writing just about everything under the sun. We wrote about all these except one thing: how it feels like to be Correspondent. Our year as correspondents is almost over and it's about time we share what made our year sweeter.
  |  Apr 10, 2013
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Kat AustriaI can still remember the night I received an e-mail from Ms. Macy notifying me that I was part of the final eight. I got so excited that I kept jumping and cheering which led to me waking up the household in the middle of the night. Being the youngest one in the batch (and also the only one in high school), I felt so lucky but at the same time scared to be part of the third batch of Correspondents. Lucky because I knew it was an opportunity given to only a few but scared because I might not be able to keep up with the other girls. Lo and behold, here I am with the best memories I could add to my senior year. Candy has helped me develop my personality and confidence so getting the job developed my appreciation for the team behind Candy even more. Interviewing Elmo Magalona, Ivan Dorschner, and Kryz Uy (among all others) was one thing but sharing life lessons, baking and hairstyling tips was always the best part of the job. It was never about showcasing to the world that you went to this event and interviewed someone famous for that project (not that I'm complaining, hahaha!). At the end of the day, knowing that someone enjoyed what you wrote is the most satisfying and joyful feeling you'll ever get."—Kat Austria

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Chris Benedicto"I like how I get a chance to express my interests and sharing it to my favorite magazine through the monthly articles I write. It feels good that my simple written works are published online for people to read." —Chris Benedicto



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