Knowing the Millennial Beyond the Stigma

There is so much more to millennials than just taking a flat lay photo of their food.
by Melissa Francine Quinal   |  Jul 30, 2017
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As we've come across generations, there have been palpable changes over time. This is because of the evolvement in the society which has caused changes in standards, beliefs, political views, and even fashion trends.

One of the generations getting flak or credit (you decide) for these changes are the millennials. We commonly identify someone as millennial through the generalization that these individuals are more likely liberated, procrastinators, and have a distinct inclination towards the modern technology.

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However, there is so much more to millennials than just being someone who loves taking a flat lay photo of their food before anything else. Here are some of them:

  1. A millennial is more than just someone on the internet.

Yes, we do enjoy the internet life, and the vulnerability and connections they can make within. Social media has been made informative by millennials by sharing useful information and even helping businesses in terms of advertising. This isn't just because of how techie a millennial is but also because she is creative and clever. 


  1. Millennials are passionate.

They have a strong dedication towards what they love doing. However, they are often called out for being impractical. Most of the elders don't encourage the young ones to go take a degree program in the field of arts, but millennials are more likely to be unstoppable in pursuing their love for art regardless of the financial uncertainty said to be in this field.

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  1. Millennials know their priorities.

A lot of people think that millennials just want to play around, but in reality, they just don't want to talk about getting married. This is a good thing because millennials want to focus more in their career and make the most out of their time before diving into that responsibility. Millennials invest first on themselves like getting their own car, traveling, and having the best time of their lives.

  1. Millennials are open-minded.

The youth of today are called color blinds, for the positive reason that there isn't much racism in this generation. This is also the generation that accepts and embraces diversity, and speaks all about it. Millennials are very open minded, giving space to what has been neglected like the LGBTQ and the strong support for women empowerment. This is also the reason why millennials are often tagged as atheists or agnostic, which is exactly why most millennials abhorr religion but still believe that there is a powerful one.

  1. Millennials work hard to excel.

A lot of millennials were raised in an era where school has become a competition. Baby millennials were pressured to excel and achieve recognitions thus they are expected to be someone big or do big things someday. This doesn't necessarily mean that millennials are spoiled for seeking affirmation but it shows how millennials work hard to do good and how dedicated and loyal these young adults are.

This is what it's like to know a millennial beyond the stigma. To be tagged as a millennial isn't a negative thing, so take it as a compliment. A millennial just like all the other generations will surely make an impact in this world around, not just today but even ‘til the other generations to come.

What other misconceptions about being a millennial do you usually encounter? Let's talk in the comments below!

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