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Say hello to keeping the lines of communication open with your pals this summer!
by Chinggay Labrador   |  Mar 27, 2004
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kit_pic.gif Summer Stopgap
City life may seem surprisingly quiet if your favorite gimmick buddy as to leave the concrete jungle for the comforts of the province. Keep in mind that it might not just be you who’s cooling her heels all summer out of boredom. Your pal may also be suffering from the monotony of swinging on hammocks and eating kakanin. Keep both your summers interesting and less tedious by resorting to these foolproof solutions:
Keep a Polaroid camera handy and send her “day in the life” pictures every week. Chronicle even the most minute details like how your room looks, the latest additions to your closet, or how big your puppy has grown.
Send her a map of the city and circle all the new places you’ve been to. Paste pictures, napkins, and tickets as souvenirs with arrows pointing to their corresponding places on the map. That way, when she comes back to the city, she’ll know exactly which hotspots to hit!

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Keeping Them In Touch
If you’re leaving your friends behind for the summer (or for good), remember that keeping in touch doesn’t only involve keeping the communications lines open between you and the friends you’ve left, but also making sure that your barkada back home is still intact. Lots of times, groups fall apart after one has gone away. Here’s a unique way to make sure your barkada doesn’t disband just because you’ve left!

Take lots and lots of pictures from where you are. Compile them to make a “photo story.” Make the most of every landmark and significant spot–just keep on shooting!
After you’ve had your film developed, label your pictures from one to 100 (if you took that many!). Divide the pictures into two batches, but mix them up so that the pictures labeled 1, 3, 5, 7 and so forth go in one pile while pictures labeled 2, 4, 6, 8 and so forth go in another pile.
Send the first pile of pictures to one friend, and send the other pile to another friend.
Write your friends letters saying that they’ll only be able to understand your photo story if they get together and put the two piles of pictures together.
Tell them to arrange a mini-reunion so that they can look at your photo story. Surprise them by giving them a long-distance call when they hold the reunion!



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