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Say hello to keeping the lines of communication open with your pals this summer!
by Chinggay Labrador   |  Mar 27, 2004
illustrations by Ben Deluyas
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Summer is a time for heaving a sigh of relief and waving goodbye to schoolbooks, harrowing exams, and that growing pile of handouts on your desk. It may also be a time for saying goodbye to people you’ve come to know—the seatmate you’ve spent two semesters giggling with, your best friend who’s moving to LA for college, your neighbor who’s visiting her hometown. Though sad, goodbyes aren’t all that bad if you keep in touch. Say hello to keeping the lines of communication open and staying in touch with your pals.

Final Farewell
kit_video.jpg Before you start singing the refrain to Jeff Buckley’s “Last Goodbye” as you tearfully see your best friend off at the airport, hold the waterworks and try your very best to turn that frown into a smile. Of course it’s sad to see someone go, but remember that farewells are never as final as they seem. Though you may be miles apart—she in sunny California and you back home in the sunny tropics—there are lots of ways to downplay the distance (at least ‘til the next time you see each other).

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kit_bullet.gif Send her care packages every so often with treats from home (Chocnut, a photo of the playground you hung out in, a prepaid card so she can phone home).
Take a cue from Felicity and make her a “Dear Sally” audio tape. You can interview all your friends, teachers, and family members, too. She can listen to the tape on lonely nights and during boring stopovers at airports.
Never underestimate the power of e-mail. Although it may seem impersonal compared to snail mail, it’s one of the cheapest and most reliable ways of getting in touch with someone who’s miles away.
Get your barkada together every month to shoot a home video for your friend. Pool your resources to send it via FedEx. You can document everything—from those Saturday afternoon soirees to just hanging out at the village park.



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