KC Concepcion Gives Love Advice

KC Concepcion gives advice on love and more.
  |  Feb 12, 2010
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Case#5: I want to join a lot of clubs and be more involved in school this year. But some clubs hold tough auditions and I'm not sure I can handle them. I 'm so afraid of getting rejected that I've been thinking of just chickening out. But I don't want to miss out either! What do you think, KC? —Janina, 17

KC says: You don't want to miss out? You will, if you keep chickening out. I'm an incoming high school junior and I think my next two years of high school will be my best, precisely because I've decided to be more active in school. I joined Junior Council, Philippine Cultural Club and an environmental club, and I'm an officer in all of them. I'm also thinking of auditioning for Dance. Although I'm doing a lot, I choose to be busy because these are things I like to do. Enthusiasm lightens any load, and having the desire to e involved in many things is something you should be proud of.  My parents always say, "You're spreading yourself too thin, Kace." But I manage to prove them wrong. I enjoy what I do, so I do well. Hollywood actors and even star athletes like Michael Jordan have gotten rejected at least once their lives. I fact, Jordan was expelled from his basketball team when he was a high school sophomore (his former coach is probably kicking himself in the head today!) Don't stress about rejection. Take it as something that will strengthen your personality. My dad always reminds me that the greatest competition I have is between me and myself. So I'm telling you, you know what you want to do—go for it!


Case#6: My best bud is going to leave for the States next school year. We're spending as much time as we can together, but I'm really scared we're going to drift apart and forget about each other once she's gone. Did you ever have to deal with this? How would you keep the ties strong? —Charisse, 15 

KC says: This happens to me all the time. You've got to learn to throw those negative thoughts away. Why are you even thinking of the drifting apart aspect of things? Are you insecure about the strength of your friendship? Stop right there! It's natural for two people to drift apart if they allow it. The key phrase being 'if they allow it.' In this age of technology, communicate and communication is the ultimate necessity if you want to keep the friendship going. Make an effort to visit her and continue to let her know you care. After all, true friends ARE forever!

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Case#7: I'm in blue slump right now. Nothing seems to be going right, and no matter what I do (like getting large doses of Nick TV and Hershey's Kisses), nothing works. What's your get-happy fix? —Tasha, 16

KC says: Be thankful you're human! Everybody goes through ups and downs. At least you want to do something about it. If I were you, I'd relax first by soaking in the tub and "dressing up" the situation. Pick flowers from your backyard and decorate your tub! Light some scented candles and play chill-out tunes. Scents always get me going! And the right lighting and tunes will set the mood. Afterwards, you could do more strenuous, adrenaline-charged activities. Go running or go for a swim. Clean your room or rearrange things for a fresh look. DO SOMETHING—whatever moves you. Next thing you know, you'll be a master of lightening someone else's mood.


Case#8: Help! My older sister is sooo talented and way smart. In school (and anywhere I go as long as they've heard of my ate), everyone compares us and expects me to be as good as she is. I want them to know me as ME and not as my ate's sister! —Toni, 14

KC says: First of all, you need to get away from the negative thoughts that have become all too easy to create in your head. She is your ate and you come from the same family and had the same upbringing. If you find yourself interested in the same things that interest her, don't be discouraged by the thought that your ate can do things better than you ever can. You can also find interests different from hers. This would help you prove you have your own edge, you're own identity, and people start to associate you with your new interests, then you can slowly move back to whatever it is your ate is talented in, if it interests you that much. When people react negatively towards you and positively towards your is, remember that its THEIR problem. You shine in your own light, girl! Be proud of your ate and of yourself.


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