KC Concepcion Gives Love Advice

KC Concepcion gives advice on love and more.
  |  Feb 12, 2010
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Need advice from someone who's been there? Über cool and confident Kace (as she is fondly called) has got answers!

Case #1: My problem is I'm really shy! I can't seem to make new friends. And I'm too scared to raise my hand in class or talk in front of people I don't really know. I know you aren't shy, KC, but if you were, what would you do? —Marga, 14

KC says: Hey, I was unbelievably shy when I was younger! I had almost no sense of self because I was too afraid to assert myself and express my own opinion on anything. It was NOT fun. It made me ridiculously insecure and unhappy. I've gotten myself out of that position and I did it by facing the fact that I had a problem with expressing myself. Then I tried to find out exactly what kind of thins I enjoyed doing and what type of people I admired. It's like starting from scratch. I became my own person, I raised my grades, and I joined teams and different activities in school. Along the way, I made a lot of awesome friends. Have confidence in all you do because living your life is all about having the right attitude. Test the waters, make mistakes, and learn from them. People's perceptions of you will depend on how you present yourself to the world. So sow them!


Case#2: I love the Theatre! And I love he thought of performing in front of a huge crowd. But when my dreams materialize, I freeze on the spot and cant sing or act! How do you overcome stage fright of the worst kind? —Tricia, 16

KC says: oh my goodness, you sound just like me! I'll tell you what someone once said. A little enthusiasm can change the way in which things are done. All you need to remember is that you've already got the passion for Theater. Now focus and do what you've got to do on that stage! Nothing more, nothing less. Give your best shot. Get up onstage, pretend you're in front of the mirror in your room and perform like you normally would. Performing onstage is part of the package. If you love the Theater, then  you have to learn to love this part of it, too.

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Case#3: Help KC! I super like this guy in my class. Problem is, I don't know hot to get him to notice me! Got any tips? —Flo, 17

KC says: Uh-oh. Time for you to chill. You're sounding just a little desperate. Don't rush events. Time is always important if you want these things to develop the right way. I'm not going to  tell you to start acting or dressing a certain way. No, no, no. you know what? Don't be superficial, just define yourself. If you feel like talking to him (which I know you do), do it. Treat him like you would a friend. Don't act as though you're out to hook him and real him in. be a friend before anything else and don't worry about what to say or do. You just have to keep in mind: he's a person, you're a person-that makes you compatible already.


Case#4: My Mom's really strict, KC! She doesn't let me go out or talk to me friends on the phone for as long as I want. I always have really early curfew and I tend to miss out on all the fun. If you were in my shoes, what would you do? —Carissa, 15

Kc says: I am in you shoes, sweetie! And it probably feels like your parents are always on your case, right? Just think about it this way: More often than not, parents base their decisions about you on how they were during your age. They've pretty much experienced the things you're going through. That's why they create these restrictions on you. You may not realize it now, but you probably will when you're older and you have the freedom o do what you can from these limitations and soon enough, you may enjoy freedom to do what you want. Learn what you can from these limitations and soon enough, you may enjoy the freedom you crave for. When that day comes, you'll be more grateful for it than you would've been had you not had these restrictions in the first place.


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