It Takes Two

Candy's 12-month plan for making friendships that last a lifetime!
by Shiloah Matic   |  Feb 9, 2004
photo by Ben Nollora * hair and makeup by Ferdie Orivida of Salon de Orient Libis
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January | Take risks together.

With the whole year ahead of you, now’s the time to dream big and aim high. Too scared to take that leap of faith? Take it in tandem–that’s what first-time skydivers do. Tightly strapped onto someone you trust, the free-fall will be a little less scary.

Do the deux : If you haven’t already planned all you want to accomplish this year, sit down with a friend and list your 12-month plan together. Write down all the things that come to mind no matter how outrageous they may sound, like “Master the trombone,” or “learn Greek.” The legendary Don Quixote dared to “dream the impossible dream” knowing he had faithful friend Sancho Panza by his side.

February | Flaunt your friendship.

Gushy, mushy couples are everywhere this month! Before you throw your annual “Love Sucks” anti-Valentine’s bash, remember, you’re part of a perfect pair too! Boys–they come and go, but a best friend is forever.


Do the deux : Show the world you care for each other with little gifts or sweet notes all-month (or all-year) long. On the 14th, paint the town red (in red of course!), and rock the V-day balls with your gal pal. If one of you has a boyfriend, take time out from your respective candlelight pizza dinners to “date” your other significant other. Seek out spa specials for two, or have an old-fashioned sleepover at a swanky hotel and enjoy three-tissue, mushy marathons without shame.

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March | Be her biggest fan.

Graduation, awards ceremonies–the end of the school year is abuzz with activities for adoration. Applaud a friend’s accomplishments. When you lift up someone else, you move upwards as well!

Do the deux : Don’t just clap politely. Be the loud “Woohoo!” that echoes in the auditorium. Attend her athletic events wearing special “Go Team __________ (your bud’s name)” shirts, or make a fan club banner you can wave wildly. She’ll blush with embarrassment, but the rewards of your excessive enthusiasm will be worth it. Don’t forget the small accomplishments recognition, either! Give plaques for “Surviving a year of my whining and ranting about boys,” or “Her contribution to the field of funky fashion.”


April | Go!

Be a “Let’s go” buddy for your best friend–someone she can count on to join her in her craziest, spur-of-the-moment plans! Life is full of surprises–and the best way to make sure you’re ready for whatever life brings you? Have your best bud beside you to experience it with!

Do the deux : It’s summer and the ways to fill these days seem to stretch out for miles. Ditch the day planner, and go where your Prestos take you (bring a map along!). Give your “Destination: Anywhere” plans a bit of direction by deciding on a quest–from a search for the most inexpensive cup of (good) coffee to finding where all the cute artist-types hang out on a Wednesday night (bring a camera!).

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