Is Your Crush Guilty of Doing Any of These Things?

He probably likes you back!
by Mara Agner   |  Oct 13, 2016
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How exactly does one move past having an unrequited crush to getting mutual admiration? Probably if your crush does any of the things below, according to some of Buzzfeed Violet's staffers, which we tweaked and also added a few of our own.

When he "happens" to be where you are that day.

You know how girls purposely try to run into their crushes just so they could get a smile, nod, or simply a glimpse of them? Some guys do this, too! The first three times it happens, you can probably chalk it up to a happy coincidence, but the next five or six "chance encounters" seals the deal.

When he sends you individual snaps.

Girl, getting an exclusive snap from him is a dead giveaway! Never mind that it's about a mysterious new mole or some random dude whose hair he thinks is cool. The point is, it’s just you he's sharing that random snap with.


More so, when he puts you in his Snapchat's Top 8!

How obvious can he get, right? Out of all the 126 people he's following—and we're positive more than eight of those are either sports stars or hot models—he made you the eighth most interesting person to follow.

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When he’s so confident around other people but becomes quiet as a mouse when around you.

Or in the case of shy guys, when they suddenly become chatty or talk animatedly with friends when you're around. #falsebravado 

When he sees you but can't bring himself to go near you, so he just steals glances at you from afar.

It's hard to assume, but if you catch him doing this quite a lot, then there must be something there.

When he watches your Instagram stories.

Plot twist: You don’t even follow each other on Instagram!

When he always has something to say. No. Matter. What.


Like when you see each other in school, but unfortunately can't stop for a conversation, and still he finds a way to say something like, "Hey, I like how your shoelaces are tied today." What even?

Still trapped in the one-way crush zone? Watch the video below for more signs!

Got crush concerns you want us to help you with? Leave a comment below or tweet us @candymagdotcom. We'll try our very best to help. :)

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