Is Texting a Bad Hobby?

blue_berry is wondering if texting is considered a bad hobby. What do you think?
  |  Jun 24, 2007
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Texting is not a bad hobby if it doesn't get in your way like studying —Kawaii Senshi

Hindi naman. 'Wag lang talaga yung as in 24 hours. Sobra na yun. —megumiselvana

Just remember: Too much or too less of everything is already bad! —Perfectionist

It can be both advantageous or disadvantageous eh. Advantageous because it is a medium of communication. We all know how necessary texting is to be able to keep communication lines open. Disadvantageous because just like what Laelithar pointed out, it impairs one's ability to spell and use correct punctuation marks. —seraph_18

Texting is a mode of communication, not a pastime. If you've made your point through a short message, there's no need to keep on texting, right? If you've got something else to say, make a phone call. That's what I do. —kahluamadness

What about you, Candy girl? What do you think?

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