Introverts: How To Ace An Internship Interview Without Changing Who You Are

Friendly tip: Don't adjust your introversion just to impress your boss!
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 22, 2020
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You’re just a couple of steps away from landing that coveted internship, all you need now is to pass the interview stage. As the reserved, inward-looking introvert that you are, an interview is usually beyond your comfort zone—it requires you to talk and share your thoughts and it involves a bit of social interaction. Here are some ways to use your introversion to secure that internship spot.

Prepare a list of talking points based on possible interview questions.

As an introvert, it isn’t the easiest thing to be vocal about your thoughts. To make sure you won’t mess up your chance to land an internship, do some research on the possible questions your interview might entail and write down your answers in advance so you could rehearse (but not memorize!) them. When you already have a grasp of how you intend to respond to certain interview inquiries, it won’t be as hard for you to voice out the thoughts in your head.


Don’t close yourself off to the possibility of an impromptu conversation with your interviewer, however. Use your talking points as a mere guide for how you want to answer particular questions, but don’t obsess about delivering it verbatim during the interview proper. 

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Chill at a coffee shop before your interview to gather your Zen.

We know that introverts find it draining to be caught up in too much social interaction, and internship interviews are generally representative of such a situation. Head out for the interview a little earlier than the call time and instead, wait in a coffee shop near the location of your interview, put on some headphones or bury your head in a book, and save up some energy.

A coffee shop is often a safe haven for introverts—you’re surrounded by people without having to be consumed by the worry of social interaction (save for when you order, but that’s nothing you can’t handle!), because people just tend to leave you alone in such establishments. The coffee is simply an added bonus for caffeine-driven introverts.


Dress to express and impress.

Not all introverts might find fashion at the very top of their lists when it comes to things to prioritize during an interview, but you might want to consider being sartorially prepared, too. For many people, they draw confidence from liking how they look and knowing that they look good in the clothes they choose to wear.


Choose an outfit that expresses who you are, but also take into consideration the attire required for your prospective internship. It’s highly unlikely for you to regret showing up to the interview looking neat and presentable, anyway.

Don’t adjust your introversion just to impress your boss.

While it’s common to think that extroverts are preferred in the workplace because they can easily convey their ideas during pitch meetings, communicate effectively with their superiors, and just generally have a more outgoing disposition, don’t alter your being an introvert only because you think it’ll please your future boss. Introverts have just as much to offer in the workplace as extroverts and their qualities are just as ideal and useful. At the end of the day, actions will always speak louder than words.

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