7 Interesting College Degrees You Didn’t Know Existed

Need help in making decisions? There's a college program for you.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Dec 8, 2020
Image: Hannah Villafuerte
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Some of us enter college with a dream course in mind, while others are more open to exploring their choices. If you feel like your options aren’t as exciting for you, it might help to know that college is actually far more interesting and extensive than you'd expect. There are programs designed specifically to cater to a niche group. Just to feed your curiosity, here are college degrees offered in universities abroad that might pique your interest.

BS Decision Sciences

Are you part of the population that’s just desperately indecisive? There’s actually a college major at Carnegie Mellon University that can help you make better choices in life. BS Decision Sciences, according to the university, intends to “integrate analytical and behavioral approaches to decision making.” The course will deal with theories and concepts from psychology, economics, philosophy, statistics, and management science.

BM Pop Music

University of Southern California offers Bachelor of Music - Popular Music, a four-year program that aims to educate and train students in the performance of pop music. Courses under the program include Drumming Proficiency, Arranging in Popular Music, and History of Pop Music.


BFA Comedic Arts

Is making jokes a serious business for you? Emerson College offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Comedic Arts, a program that involves comedic writing, performance, literature, media, and production. “To make the world laugh, you must first understand what makes it tick,” the course description says.

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BS Packaging Science

While others may simply look past packaging, there’s actually a lot of thought (and science!) that goes behind it. Michigan State University even has an entire department dedicated to educating aspiring students the principles of packaging. Mind you, it’s not exactly an easy course. Part of the curriculum are subjects like Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Statistics for Biologists, Intermediate Economics, and Introduction to Business Law.

BS Bakery Science

If baking is your passion, then there’s an actual college program that allows you to pursue it more extensively. Kansas State University offers Bakery Science, a program that helps students get a firsthand experience in the baking industry and teaches students valuable business strategies.


BS Social Media Management

As part of what the world dubs as digital natives, Gen Z's affinity towards social media comes very naturally. That said, those who are dedicated in pursuing a career in social media may upgrade their skills and knowledge in the field through a bachelor's degree in social media management. Arkansas State University offers a specialized degree in social media that aims to produce experts in creating brand awareness through social media and generating social media strategies that help grow a brand in various aspects.

Anime and Manga

Watching anime and reading manga might just actually lead you to your dream job and you can start by pursuing formal education all about it. Kaishi Professional University in Japan recently opened their anime and manga department and are set to start accepting students for S.Y. 2021. Through the program, students will closely be mentored by top anime and manga creators, animators, researchers, artists, and game creators.



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