Possible Careers To Take If Your Course Is Information Technology

Consider these careers after graduation!
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Mar 1, 2020
Art: Hannah Villafuerte
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Computers and other digital devices are such fascinating inventions. We’re almost always dependent on them on a daily basis, which is why professionals in the IT industry have become integral members of the workforce today.

If your course is related to IT, here are possible career paths to consider after graduation:

Computer forensic investigator

Also referred to as a forensic analyst, a computer forensic investigator often teams up with law enforcement agencies to recover and analyze corrupted or damaged data from computers and other devices to be used as possible evidence in criminal cases.

Aside from the law enforcement industry, professionals from this field also work with private corporations to help with retrieving data needed for business-related matters.

Computer programmer  

The apps and programs we like to use are brought to life by computer programmers who work with endless lines of codes. If you’d like a deeper and more profound look into what makes up the apps you’re always on and the programs you often use, this career path might be for you!


Web developer

While the aesthetic of the websites we like to visit is mostly crafted by web designers, it’s often the web developers that transform their vision into actuality through programming.

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In contrast to web designers who create the look of a website, web developers are more concerned with translating the design to make it operational for users using programming languages like HTML and CSS.

Mobile application developer

Careers in mobile application development have started to take off considering that almost everyone is constantly on their phones. These professionals have a somewhat similar job description with web developers, except that they focus mainly on optimizing software to match the requirements of various mobile operating systems.

If you’re more of a phone person than a computer person, maybe this line of work might be better for you.

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