I Met The Jonas Brothers!

Kevin, Joe, and Nick meet one of their biggest Filipino fans.
by Michaela Eduque   |  Nov 25, 2012
photo courtesy of Michaela Eduque
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In June of 2009, my family went to Europe for a vacation. I asked them if we could go to Madrid, Spain so I could watch the Jonas Brothers concert. Luckily, they agreed!

On June 13, the day of the concert, my dad told me the Jonas Brothers were staying at our hotel. I couldn't believe it. I was so excited! I went down to the lobby at around 11 am. There were other girls waiting there too.

By 2pm, my parents were getting hungry and wanted to leave. I begged them to let me stay a while longer. A moment later, I bumped into someone who looked familiar. It was the Jonas Brothers' dad! We ended up striking a conversation. He was really nice and down-to-earth. I guess I made an impression on him because he told me, "I'll make sure you get to meet them." I thanked him calmly, but deep inside, I was jumping for joy!


At 2:30, my mom told me to go inside the restaurant at the lobby. I thought she just wanted me to eat lunch so I followed her. When I walked inside, I saw the Jonas Brothers there! I didn't realize I was staring at Joe until he looked at me and smiled. I smiled back, of course.

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After lunch, I went back to the lobby and waited. A few minutes later, Mr. Jonas came back out and said, "When we come down, I'll make sure to look for you." I thanked him again as he walked up to their hotel room. As I waited, a new line of eager fans formed in front of me. I was a little tired at this point so I didn't bother lining up and just sat down on a chair, hoping Mr. Jonas would keep his word.

Soon, the faces of the fans in front of me lit up and I knew what that meant. I stood up and looked to my left as a bunch of security guys started blocking out the line of fans. I was so shocked by what was happening that I almost didn't see Kevin walking towards me. "Hi!" he said with a smile and gave me a friendly hug. Joe and Nick came next, saying the same happy "Hey!" and giving me the same friendly hug as Kevin.


I told them I was from the Philippines. "Oh really? That's so cool!" Kevin exclaimed. "Yeah. You guys should come to the Philippines some time." I said. "That would be awesome," Joe answered. We talked for a few minutes, then I asked if I could have their autographs, and my picture taken with them. The boys gamely agreed. Kevin took my camera and asked one of his friends to take it. Kevin and Nick slipped closer to me as Joe took his place nest to Nick. I thought I was going to faint when Nick put his arm behind my back. After the picture, we talked some more. I kept trying to convince them to come to the Philippines. They said, "We'd really love to!"

Eventually, I could sense the other girls getting impatient. "You guys have a lot of fans waiting," I said. "Are coming to the concert tonight?" Nick asked. "Of course!" I answered. "Okay. Well, I guess we'll see you later then!" Kevin said. "It was really nice meeting you," they all said one by one as we said our goodbyes. I spotted Mr. Jonas and thanked him again.


When I got back from the concert that night, I ate a late dinner with my dad at the lobby. Different people from the Jonas Brothers' crew that I had talked to earlier that day came up to me and asked me questions like, "How was the concert?" "Did you have fun today?" All of them said, "It was really nice meeting you!" I'll always remember that special day as the day I met a lot of very nice, down-to-earth people and made new friends. It was truly a day like no other.

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