I'm an Only Child and I Feel Pressured to Do Well in School

Here's how I deal.
by Karen Terese Rojas   |  Aug 12, 2017
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When people find out you're an only child, they will most likely think that you're a spoiled kid. But we're really not. Those who don't have siblings may have more of their parents' attention than those with sibs but with the attention comes a great amount of pressure. When it comes to school and academics, an only child usually feels pressure to excel because his/her parents expect a lot. Here are a few ways to help ease the pressure from the 'rents!

  1. Tell your parents about how you feel.

Parents sometimes don't see that they're putting too much pressure on their child. "O, dapat honor ka this year" and other similar statements is kind of intimidating and stressful for a kid, especially if you're an only child. If you feel this kind of pressure from them, talk to them about how you feel. Try to tell them, in a polite way, that you'll do your best.


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  1. Have a conversation with your cousins.

For an only child, having cousins is the closest we can get to having brothers and sisters. If you feel pressured by your parents, academics-wise, open up to them like you would to a sibling. Tell them how you feel and observe how they deal with the pressure from their parents as well. Cousins can also give you suggestions on how to tell your parents about it.

  1. Talk to your friends about it.

Aside from family, friends are also your shoulders to cry on. If you feel pressured, talk to your friends about it; they might have ideas on how to ease the pressure or how they'd deal with it if they were in your shoes. Friends are your kakampi in life so you can count on their suggestions.

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  1. Just do your best.

When you feel pressured, you sometimes get discouraged to do things because you feel as if you'll just fail. Instead of feeling this, put your best foot forward because it will raise your self-confidence and in turn, you'll be more encouraged to excel. If you give your 101% to anything you do, it will surely pay off. Just study well and do your best when it comes to academics, you just might get that honorable mention your parents want!

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Only child or not, how do you deal with the pressure to excel in school? Got tips to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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