Hugging is the New Hello?

...or is it? Find out what this new trend of hugging is all about.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Jun 3, 2009
photo courtesy of Solar Entertainment and ETC (Gossip Girl)
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When you come to class this week, what's the first thing you'll do? Our guess is that you'll come up to your classmates, who you probably saw over the summer vacay anyway, and give them a big, tight hug.

It doesn't seem like something out of the ordinary, right? Teens in a New Jersey high school hug so much that they've already classified the different type of hugs—from basic friend hugs to bear hugs and bear claws. There's really nothing wrong with hugging your friends, right? In fact, we think it's kind of adorable.

But some school officials think that extreme hugging should be banned. Some feel that all this hugging can become inappropriate. They think hugging during breaks can cause the kids to be late for their next class. Parents aren't quite sure what to think of this. A 14-year-old girl in Oregon got detention for hugging her boyfriend in school. Her mom picked her up from school and gave her a hug—even she couldn't understand what was wrong with a hug. Are these kids going to have to get hugs from a machine?


Sure, we haven't heard of any bans on hugging here... yet. But what about you? Are you a hugger? Or do you agree that any display of affection should be done out of the school?

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