How to Still Make Time for Your Friends Even When You Get Busy in School

School isn't supposed to make your social life disappear.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 8, 2016
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School is here again! You know what that means. Here comes another season when you're set to find your balance for everything—for your studies, for your family, and for your friends. It's easy when you all have the same schedules to follow, but usually you don't. You have to carefully plan your days out.

To help you find your balance and still have enough time for your friends during school days ahead, we've listed a few tips below. Hope this helps, Candy Girls! And hope you all enjoy school!

1. Use your planner.

Your planner or organizer isn't only meant for scheduling your school activities, deadlines, and meetings. Your time with your loved ones is important, too. So include it when planning out your days. Use different stickers, colors, or codes when you jot down your schedules so you can keep track of how much time you should allot for all the activities you're planning in a day or a week.


2. Do work together.

Are you in the same class or the same course as your best friend? Use this to your advantage then! Plan to work in a coffee shop or a library together. Ask her to come over and if she can do homeworks or projects together, or you can also go to her place to do the same. Not only do you have a friend, you also have a study buddy. You don't have to keep talking the whole time. Sometimes it's better to work with some company, than trying to accomplish things alone.

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3. Plan a meet up every week or once in every two weeks.

Ask your barkada or your best friend if you can plan to meet up every week, once in every two weeks, or every month. This will allow both of you to catch up on each other's lives or talk about things aside from school. It doesn't have to be grand—like checking out a new place or going somewhere. You just won't realize it but an hour or two of meeting every week can do so much for your friendship.


How long or how short your time for your friends will be depends on you. If you really need to finish a lot of things, then don't force it. Give her a call or send her a message that says you remember her, but are swamped with papers to write for now. After all, if she really is your friend, she'll understand where you're coming from especially if she's also a student like you.

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