How To Step Up—Your Way

What to do when there's nowhere to go but forward? Move at your own pace—with progress at your feet!
by Lora Gahol   |  Jun 13, 2010
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The Electophobic Leader

It started in kindergarten when you proposed a petition to set Freddy the Frog, the class pet, free. You convinced your classmates (and a couple of janitors) that Freddy would be happier outside an empty aquarium, and rounded up 30 Crayola signatures to close the deal.  You were nominated for pretty much every position in class—and were elected for most of them. Countless successful newspaper drives and food sales later, you find yourself in your third consecutive year as Class President. The call of the Student Council is loud and clear.


The Litany of Doubt: What if nobody likes me, and I end up with zero votes? Will I be able to handle more power? Can I actually lead a whole batch, or (gulp!) the entire high school body?


Baby steps to the BIG leap! Wake up, and smell the need for honest-to-goodness leaders! If you were able to do it before you even learned your ABCs, there’s no doubt you were born to be in student government. Your regular appearances in the roster of class officers is a sure sign of your fate: the throne of Batch Representative awaits. Keep in mind that while the Student Council is a bigger leadership body, your many years of experience as head of your class account for something. But before you start writing your victory speech, prioritize the things you have to do. First, make it official by filing for candidacy in the position you believe you can best contribute. Want to address the issues of your batch? Be their voice, and run for batch rep. Interested in the schmoozing and networking side of the council? The Public Relations seat is obviously for you. Once you’ve decided on the position to aim for, share your platform and other plans with a person of authority: the SC moderator, your class adviser, or your mentor teacher. She (or he) can give helpful input and will help balance your views of the students, faculty, and administration. Now the fun part: campaigning! Keep it simple and real with flyers and posters you can make yourself. Ask your staunch supporters (your barkada!) to spread the word—and your materials. But don’t go overboard and turn it into a popularity contest. If your credentials are right, you won’t even need a catchy campaign jingle to win!



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