Why Some People Still Stay Close With High School Friends After Graduation

*E-numan* is also an option.
by Bernadette Rivera   |  Jul 1, 2020
Image: INSTAGRAM/jeanelleangeles, sofiajahrling
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They always say that high school friends are forever. Having best friends in high school is sooo much fun, we agree. You have someone to talk about your crushes in school with, you share your baon with each other, you do projects together, they have your back when someone is mean to you, and all the other fun stuff you do with your friends in school. They’re always there for you through thick and thin—and sometimes they save your ass from trouble. All of us had best friends in high school, but not everyone stayed friends with us after graduation. So here are some tips from our Candy Rookies on how to keep your friendship with them even after high school.

Go out with them at least once a month.

College life can be hectic. But making time for your high school friends at least once a month can do the trick. For Jeanelle Angeles, 20, “Me and my high school friends bond regularly by going out once a month or quarterly. I really make time for my high school friends by planning catch-up sessions with them over wine nights, girls' nights out, and by trying different restaurants together. Sometimes if we're both too busy, I make time for them by setting up a time wherein we could just catch up over the phone.”

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Now that we're still under quarantine, though, going out with friends is highly discouraged. Instead, try doing digital hangouts for now through Skype calls with the barkada.

Remind your friends that you’ll support them whatever happens.

Sometimes we tend to forget our high school friends when we get caught up with college stuff. A simple text message to remind them that you’re still their friend despite the busy schedule will make it up for all the lakads that you missed. According to rookie Johanna Pupos, 20, “we say good morning and goodnight to each other just for us to know and remind each other that we’re still here to support one another despite the situation.” Johanna said it was easy for them to see each other from time to time despite each other’s locations. If they won’t be able to meet, they would “make sure they would call, message, and video chat each other.” And sometimes do a “Netflix party” with her friends where they will all watch the same movie or series on Netflix.


Check on your friends.

Message or call them to catch up with what’s happening in their lives and check on them constantly. You have a group chat for a reason. You might not see each other more often than before, but at least ask them if they’re okay. It feels good to know that there’s a friend who cares about you even though you barely see each other anymore. There are several platforms or apps that you can use to communicate with your friends. As per Margaux Nonato, “even if we don’t get to see each other often as compared to our high school days, I make sure to check up on them despite having different priorities. I think it’s just a matter of giving time & catching up with what’s going on in our lives.” They also stay *close* by having “Zoom sessions and Netflix party” once or twice every two weeks.


Celebrate special occasions with them.

Another reason to meet your friends is because of their birthdays (or your birthday). Make sure to have an extra ~free~ day to celebrate those special occasions with them. You don’t have to buy them gifts every time. Sometimes, your presence is enough. Like Candy Rookie Sofia Jahrling. She sees her high school friends “during weekends or whenever someone would celebrate their birthday” which is a good thing.

And lastly, don’t forget to visit them sometimes.

If your high school friend missed a lot of your barkada’s lakad or can’t go because they’re super busy, don’t get mad, instead, make time to visit them occasionally. College life is not as laid back as high school, so expect more incomplete group photos every time you go out.


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