How to Speak up and Talk About What You Believe In

Here are four ways to try!
by Nicka Cassandra Jerao   |  Jul 14, 2017
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Some things are hard to say, may it be sharing your feelings towards someone, stating an opinion, or wanting to help someone who's not able to stand up for herself. Which is why some people are comfortable in keeping things to themselves rather than sharing their thoughts with others.

A lot of people might be content on being a wallflower, but learning to speak up and talk about the things that you believe in will surely help you and the people around you. There are ways to voice out your thoughts and opinions and it's important that you learn when and how to do it. Here are a few helpful reminders.

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  1. Speak the truth.

"Maybe they won't like what I have to say?" is one of the many things that hinders us from speaking our mind. Sometimes we intend to stay silenced because we are afraid to hurt someone's feelings. We are taught that it's best to keep our mouths shut to avoid creating more conflict. But here's the thing, it's just a matter of "timing." It's good to know when to speak up, what you are going to say and how you're going to say it. Most of all, you shouldn't feel like you're invalid because you are worthy. 

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  1. Make people know what's important to you.

Tell them about your ideas and opinions but most importantly, let them know that you have your own voice. Don't let anyone take over your life. It's okay if they don't agree with your choices in life, but let them understand that you make your decisions for you and not for them.

  1. Learn to when to say "no."

Do you ever do certain things for people even though you aren't comfortable doing it? You extend your efforts and energy for someone to make their lives easier, but what about yours? It's okay to say NO to someone and say YES to your own needs. It's very important for everyone to know that we shouldn't force ourselves to say yes to anyone in any given situation.

  1. Stand up for yourself.

There are times when you'd feel inferior to other people and scared of fighting back because you know it will only create a much bigger problem. So you just stay in the corner and do nothing about it. But guess what? If you keep doing this, you'll forever have to deal with being pushed around. Our family and friends can only do so much to denfend us, but you have to help yourself and stand your ground even if it gets scary. 


Know your worth. Speak the truth. Never let the fear of speaking up hold you back from the wonders that you'll do.

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