How to Plan Your Debut Without Spending a Lot

Check out our tips on pulling off a memorable but inexpensive debut.
  |  Dec 13, 2014
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While planning your debut seems to be exciting, you might find it challenging to keep within (your folks') budget. The good news: you can pull off a smashing debut without going over the budget. Check out our tips below!

Start Planning Early
Cramming is a major no-no in planning your debut. Start planning at least six months before your party, so you have enough time to compare rates. Last-minute bookings can cost more. Plus, you want your special day to be perfect, and planning early will help you achieve a flawless debut. That's a win-win situation!

Don't Hesitate to Ask for Discounts
There is nothing to be shy about negotiating for a lower rate—just be mindful of your suppliers' limits. When you're thinking of booking a package, but you don't need all the items that come with it, try asking for a lower rate. For things like debut invitations and souvenirs, order in bulk to get a higher discount.


Check Out Packages
Look for suppliers who can multi-task, and check out their packages to lessen your expenses. For example, you may choose an event organizer that also provides floral arrangements or souvenirs. Or maybe you can pick a venue with a partnership with other suppliers. That way, you'll have an affordable and stress-free debut party all in one package.

As you start planning, identify one or two things you must have at your debut. An elaborate gown? A towering cake? Stunning fireworks? When you've decided on your non-negotiable (with your parents' blessing, of course), promise to save on the rest of your debut details. You'll still get what you want, your folks won't go over-budget—everybody wins!

Incorporate DIY Projects
What's one exciting way to save on your debut? Create DIY projectsInvitations, décor and souvenirs are just among the many things you can do to. Adding personal touches to your party will not only make it more you, but you may also end up spending less.

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