How to Organize Your Life Online

Three words: deactivate, unsubscribe, leave.
by Mara Agner   |  Oct 27, 2016
Art: Clare Magno
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Deleting email subscriptions, getting useless notifications from Facebook groups or pages, or getting updates to revisit sites you've only accessed once are just a few of the things you have to deal with if you don't organize your "life" online. Below are some tips to put your online life in order and, in a way, save time and reduce your digital footprint.

Unsubscribe from email lists.
There are email lists you voluntarily sign up for because you're interested in them, while there are others you somehow ended up subscribing as a requirement for an online contest or a website you needed access to. Either way, if you feel that being part of an email list isn't beneficial to you anymore, it's about time you unsubscribe. While it's convenient to just keep deleting those emails whenever they pop in, it's more efficient to get right to the root of it and disable your subscription. It's a one-time thing that may take longer than just simply deleting the message, but you'll surely benefit from it in the long run.


Deactivate abandoned social media or one-time-use accounts.
Just because you're no longer using it doesn't mean it's non-existent (or searchable by future employers!). These are sites you signed up for when you were younger and eventually decided you were no longer interested or sites you needed access to downlowad or get something during that moment, like a design template or to transfer a file, but have no intentions of keeping them. Forgetting about them and pretending you never signed up for any of those accounts is the easy way out, but revisiting them and deactivating them is the suggested solution to keep your online life clutter-free.

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Leave Facebook groups you're not really participating in.
School batch, section, or org and family groups are the most common groups in Facebook. You'd be surprised how many you have in your account! This is because anyone can add you in their groups without really asking for permission (but you do get a notification). It's up to you to stay or leave, but what usually happens is you forget you're in a certain group in the long run. If it's been a while since you received notifications from that group, or you simply aren't interested in what the group has to say anymore, feel free to leave. Same goes with Facebook pages.


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