How to Manage Your Time Between School, Friends, Family, and Love

Here are five tips!
by Karen Terese Rojas   |  Jul 25, 2017
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Everyone, no matter what age or gender, has probably gone through the struggle of having to decide whether to finish studying for their quiz or eat out with the family. Time management may be hard to master, but it's not impossible to do. Here are a few tips to help you start practicing time management:

  1. Get yourself a small planner.

Start managing your time by writing down everything you have to do (and their deadlines) in a planner. Make sure to write it legibly to avoid missing deadlines. It's best to have a small and lightweight planner you can fit into a purse or clutch so you can bring it whatever your OOTD is!

  1. Download a scheduler app.

If you're not the write-in-planner type of person, you can substitute it with a scheduler/planner app. Just like the physical planner, write down the deadlines, the family gatherings, and the barkada hangout sesh. Why not make your phone even more useful than just for social media or researching for homework?


  1. List your daily to-dos.

Aside from planning out the entire month in your planner, you can also write a daily to-do list so you'd know what you have to do until before you sleep. You can write the time frame of each activity as well (e.g. 5:00pm – homework, 7:00pm – dinner, etc).

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  1. Go on study dates/hangouts with friends (or your S.O).

Let's face it: school usually takes up a lot of your time which can prevent you from spending time with your friends. But what if you can combine barkada time and acads time? Ask your friends to study with you, even if you have different subjects/courses, that way you can spend time with them and ask for their help (or help them) when needed.

  1. Don't think too much about school during the weekends.

School is only on weekdays for many students, but homework can sometimes take up the weekend. Try and finish the *~easiest~* tasks in between classes and the harder ones after all of your classes so you won't have to do it during the weekend. No to-dos during the weekend means more time to rest or bond with the fam, barkada, or the bae.


What time management trick do you swear by? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

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