How to Make Your Best Friend and Boyfriend Get Along

Everything is absolutely perfect,except for one thing—your best friend absolutely hates him.
by Daryn Agapay   |  Oct 19, 2015
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Say you've just gotten a new boyfriend and everything's going great. You're happy, you're in love, and he treats you like a queen. Everything is absolutely perfect, except for one thing... your best friend totally hates him. Now whether you've been through this problem before or not, it can bring about a lot of stress every single time. Stress on you, stress on your relationship, stress on your friendship, and a whole lot of other things. What's a girl supposed to do with this unfortunate dilemma? We've gathered a list of tips you could use to help make the two special people get along, stat! Keep reading to find out how. 

 1  Communication is key.

Talk to your best friend and try to see if she really does have a good reason for hating your guy. Sometimes it's all just about jealousy and feeling left out. Have you two been hanging out less? Maybe you haven't been talking as much as before because you spend so much time with your new guy. Maybe, just maybe, you've changed into a completely different person. Talk to your BFF and really listen to what she has to say. Maybe she's seeing undesirable things about your guy that you don't.

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 2  Be honest about what you feel.

After listening to what she has to say about you and your boyfriend, make sure to gently let her know how you feel about the tension between your best friend and your guy. Tell her about how all the stress is making you feel unhappy and try to get her to understand. If she really is a true friend, she will take your thoughts and feelings into consideration.

 3  Plan a little get together to help them get along.

Nothing brings about a good friendship like common interests. Does your BFF like to cook and your guy love to eat? Do they both love sports or music? You got it! As long as you keep the get together along these parameters, you'll be fine. But make sure not to overdo it. Remember that you're just trying to get your boyfriend and your best friend to be friends with each other, too.


 4  Don't force a mutual friendship.

If you've tried everything to make them at least be acquaintances, but to no avail, then maybe you should just leave it be. It would be wrong to force a friendship between two people who clearly aren't meant to be buddies, which brings us to our next idea.

 5  Keep your friendship and relationship apart.

It's really not the most ideal situation but if all else fails, keep your friendship and relationship apart. You really don't need the extra stress from both halves clashing. Just make sure to keep the balance between your relationship and friendship so you won't end up with more and more fights or worse, having to end a long time friendship or relationship.

 6  Don't let them control your behavior.

Sure you love your best friend and boyfriend to bits, and both of them have a very special place deep in your heart. It's true that you should value their opinions, but make sure that they don't control you or change who you are. You shouldn't be changing yourself to please others anyway. Be your own person. It's your life, you take charge, and go for what you want.


 7  Investigate, investigate, investigate.

But then again, sometimes your best friend might know something about your boyfriend that you don't and won't tell you in the fear of ruining your friendship. Maybe she caught your guy flirting with another girl, maybe he totally lied about something that can affect your relationship. Whatever the case may be, you should take things in your own hands and take a step back to see the bigger picture. You could be too caught up in the relationship to see what's actually happening. Did you totally change because of him? Did you start doing things you otherwise wouldn't have but did anyway because of his influence? Is he pulling you away from your friends and interests? Always keep your priorities straight and investigate to a proper extent.

What are other tips you can think of? Leave us a message below or tweet us your ideas @candymagdotcom! Let's talk.

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