How To Love Yourself

How do you love yourself?
  |  Jan 25, 2014
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You are drowning in the sea of blankets and pillows inside the crevices of your own room. You don't want to do anything, be anything at the moment. Your tears are falling down your cheeks, where he used to kiss you. You are numb. You are out of love, or so you think are. You are no longer you—you are not you because you forgot about who you are, lost "you," and never loved yourself. 

The complexities of love comes with a price: losing yourself. And when you do that as much as loving the person you're with, there probably isn't much love at all.

How do you love yourself?

Loving yourself isn't superficial. Surround yourself with positive, helpful people who make you happy. They're your best friends, your family. Give them more attention than one single person who never knew your worth. 

Loving yourself means more time for yourself. Go places. Go places you’ve never been to, go places because you can. Travel. Take bus rides and fly on a plane. You’ll realize how much you’ve been missing out on.

Loving yourself is smiling more often. Even when he made you smile, you can always smile by yourself. A smile, especially when you’ve stretched it effortlessly on your own, is one of the most amazing things a person can have. 

Loving yourself is giving your full attention. Pamper yourself, take care of you. Take a good walk, breathe in the fresh air, appreciate. By then when you’re ready to love another person again, you’re stronger, you'll have even more love to give.

Loving yourself means expressing it. Fill an old journal or scribble on pieces of crumpled paper. Write letters to yourself. Never tear them. Never lose them. Read them again. 

Loving yourself means going out on your own. Walk around the streets, enjoy the rainy day with your sunny, yellow umbrella. Buy coffee and sit at a table by the window alone. Watch people pass by, listen to the voice at the back of your head. There’s nothing more beautiful than that.

Loving yourself is loving Him. We always thought that love between two people is the kind of love that only exists in this world. But there is a greater love that binds us and pulls us all together. Jesus's love. Read His words, let them sink in, devour every bit and taste the sweetness that your faith brings. His comfort is unlike any other.

Loving yourself is knowing that you deserve it. Because you really do.

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