How To Join The Organization That's Right For You

Make the most of your college life by joining the organization that matches your interest. And here's how!
by Arianne Tolentino   |  Aug 16, 2013
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College is quite different from high school. If you think your high school subjects were tough, think again. College means you'll have to study extra hard—sometimes spending sleepless nights finishing a paper and struggling to wake up for a final the next morning. But who says college is all about studying? Candy Girls also need some form of extracurricular activity so they can relieve stress, make a lot of new friends, and have fun! Most schools offer a variety of student organizations and leadership opportunities. Find out which organizations your schools offer that match your interests and inquire about the organization's qualifications and activities.


  • want to enrich your aesthetic experience, promote art appreciation and if you are more of a Picasso, you might want to join the Art Society.
  • have the passion for dancing and the arts through movement and have the moves like Mick Jagger or you can shake it like Beyonce, might as well join the Dance Troupe!
  • are more of a Sharpay Evans, and want to develop your creative potentialities in various fields of performing arts, join your school's Theater Arts Group.
  •  musically-inclined and want to harness your talent and potential to promote music, and aca-scuse-me, want to be like the girls in Pitch Perfect, join the College Choir!
  • are more of a bookworm, a writer, a photojournalist, a cartoonist or an artist,  or would want to be like Angie Steadman of the Diary of A Wimpy Kid who works for their school’s paper, join your school student publication because who knows, your entire campus might see your work and that ain't wimpy at all!
  • are a born leader with a sense of awareness and responsibility and you want to be of service to your fellow students just like Sydney White, never hesitate to join the Student Council!

College is a great place to take a leadership role. It's a great experience for you and surely, you will learn a lot of new things. The number 1 rule is: do not be shy—you'll have a richer college experience if you get involved. Have fun choosing the right organization for you, Candy Girl!

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