How to Handle Those Offensive Questions

Here's how you gracefully handle the situation!
by Sheena Concepcion   |  May 30, 2016
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1. Learn how to turn down questions.

Getting a personal question does not necessarily mean that you have to honor it with an answer. You can always choose the questions that you want to address. Do not be compelled to share private details just because someone is asking you to.

2. Do not lose your temper.

Nobody likes receiving offensive questions. They are hurtful and unfair. Who wouldn't be irritated, right? Nevertheless, in times like this, we highly suggest that you should just maintain your composure and calmly deal with the issue. An outburst can only cloud your judgment and it may just add fuel to the fire. So you better think twice before losing your temper. You wouldn't want to carry that guilt, anyway.

3. Do not give rude replies.

It's tempting to answer annoying questions with disrespectful replies but keep in mind that these circumstances ultimately reflect your character so it's better to just take the high road. Giving an insulting answer can only make you look like you're dodging the question or you're hiding something. People value honesty so give them direct and consistent answers. They will appreciate that.


4. Let people know if they're overstepping their boundaries.

Sometimes, even the people close to you may not notice that they are already invading your privacy. Familiarity breeds contempt so make sure that you clearly draw out the line when this happens. You deserve to have a private life that the people around are able to respect. 

5. Rise above the situation.

At the end of the day, it's best to just forget the bitterness brought by these offensive queries. You may not be able to permanently stop people from asking you rude questions but you can always control the way you handle them. Our pal Taylor Swift was right all along—you just have to shake it off.

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