How to Handle Embarrassing Moments Like Ariana Grande

Victoria's Secret stage not needed.
by Kaye Serrano   |  Jan 6, 2017
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No matter how many times we convince ourselves with the fact that everybody goes through embarrassing moments, it will never take away the cringing feeling we get every time we remember one that happened to us! Though these Oops! instances may haunt us forever, how we react to them can help get us back on our feet like it is nobody's business. Take it from one of our favorite girls Ariana Grande, who has had her fair share of clumsy situations, but can still rock out straight after!

  1. Learn to laugh at yourself.

Life isn't fun without a little bit of comedy, right? It was not so long ago when Ariana Grande was subject to borderline cyberbullying memes after she got hit on the face with a Victoria's Secret angel's wing during the VS Fashion Show. But Ari was cool with it, even when the actual incident happened. She continued to sing out loud like the queen that she is! Not only that, she even took to Twitter to share the hilariousness of it with her fans.

  1. Don't be mad, be curious!

During her Q&A portion at the iHeart Radio concert, a phone was thrown at her, which landed beside her on stage. Instead of getting furious and shouting at the audience, she calmly asked, "Did someone throw a phone? That's dangerous! What if the screen cracks?" She funnily directed the attention not on herself but on the phone, just like the true comedian that she is.

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  1. Look at it positively.

Sometimes embarrassing moments aren't necessarily "bad" moments, especially not if you choose to see it in a positive light! Ariana was singing her hit single "Bang Bang" when she suddenly slipped and fell on the floor, yet she continued the concert like nothing even happened. After the concert, she thanked her fans by tweeting, "Y'all made me feel so much better!" Such a profesh!


If anything, Ariana taught us that the knee-jerk reaction to embarrassing moments is oddly not to be embarrassed by it or make a big deal out of it. Instead, it's to laugh your clumsiness away!

Let's talk embarrassing moments! Share yours in the comments below!

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