How to Decode if a Guy is Flirting, Friendly, or Into You

Heed the signs.
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When a guy does something, can you tell whether he's really into you or just toying with your heart? Learn what his moves mean straight from the playbook itself!

THE SIGN: He is quite physically affectionate with you.

BIG FLIRT: He touches you because he thinks it'll draw the two of you closer. Interestingly enough, he also does it with a lot of other girls—yup, even when you're around.

JUST FRIENDLY: He sees you as one of the guys, and as such, is not above giving you the occasional tap on the arm with a closed fist. Guys are also known to shove each other in jest, so keep reminding your friend that you are still a girl.

INTO YOU: He'll be much more gentle and respectful with you. He'll put a hand on your elbow to guide you through traffic or casually drape his arm around your shoulder. An open palm on the upper part of the small of your back in certain situations is also a great indicator that something's up.


THE SIGN: He asks you out to dinner and a movie.

BIG FLIRT: You hear about him asking another girl out to do the same thing the next day.

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JUST FRIENDLY: He asks you to come along with some of his other friends. And he doesn't foot the bill.

INTO YOU: He takes care of everything, while making sure that it's just you and him going out. He treats you like royalty for the entirety of the evening.


THE SIGN: He has a sweet nickname for you.

BIG FLIRT: He has a sweet nickname for everybody. And everybody knows he can be a bit, er, chauvinistic at times.

JUST FRIENDLY: He calls you by your special, "secret" nickname…because he heard one of your friends using it and found it amusing.

INTO YOU: He creates a special moniker for you alone, and tells you just how you inspired him to come up with it. He doesn't feel the need to tell everyone else, because he wants that name kept just between you two.



THE SIGN: He keeps calling you on your landline, cell phone, Skype, or whatever voice communication technology happens to be popular at the moment.

BIG FLIRT: He has you on speed dial—along with every other girl in your school, street, or general neighborhood.

JUST FRIENDLY: He calls you to get the scoop on today's homework, or to learn more about the latest gossip. In fact, it's already become something of a daily ritual for the two of you.

INTO YOU: He makes it a point to call you at least once a day, and always wants to know how you are before anything else. In fact, most of the time that's the only reason he calls!

THE SIGN: He keeps commenting on your social media posts.

BIG FLIRT: He's a man of the world, and he pays particular attention to writing of a more personal nature, such as blogs, in order to show how "worldly" and "sensitive" he is—while impressing you in the process, of course. Pay attention to "Wow, you're so galing"—type posts, without further elaboration.


JUST FRIENDLY: He finds your stuff funny, and makes it a point to tease you or say something quasi-witty. We say quasi, because the wit might only be existent in his own world.

INTO YOU: He wants to know the reasons behind whatever you deigned to write at a particular moment. While he finds your writing interesting in itself, he'd like to know more about the name behind the pen (or keyboard).

THE SIGN: He keeps texting you or chatting with you whenever he catches you online.

BIG FLIRT: He's got more than a few hundred friends in his directory, but he doesn't even know most of them that well. He's just hoping someone cute will respond favorably.

JUST FRIENDLY: All of his friends are stuck in classes or out of town. You're someone to talk to, and it will show by the wide range of topics he'll bring up, dominated mostly by his own interests.


INTO YOU: He texts or chats to find out what exactly you are doing or thinking. And when he asks what you're thinking, it's a pretty sure bet that you're very much on his mind.


THE SIGN: He follows you around more than your Shih Tzu does, and sometimes, he will not go somewhere if you're not going.

BIG FLIRT: He's more likely to follow you than to not go to a party without you. He sees you as someone he can show off to other guys, or at least as a key to getting to know other girls. In a party, he can vanish as quickly as he came up to say hello.

JUST FRIENDLY: He may stick to you like glue because he's not comfortable with anyone else in a particular setting. In the same way, he won't  want to go to an open party or any similar event if you won't be there. But once he gets to the party and spots one of his buddies, he's gone.


INTO YOU: He refuses to leave your side because he truly finds you fascinating. Thus, he'll constantly be doing little things to make you more comfortable such as holding your seat or getting you a drink. For this guy, a party is no fun without you there, so he'll suggest something else to do if you can't make it.

THE SIGN: He always compliments you on the way you look or act.

BIG FLIRT: This is a way of buttering you up, and it usually comes naturally to him. The telling sign here is that he compliments girls freely and easily, while other guys get the complete opposite treatment from him.

JUST FRIENDLY: This guy will give you the typically male kind of backhanded  compliment. "Pare and ganda mo ngayon ha! Para kang magde-debut," partnered with the requisite guffaw. However, this could just as easily develop into something more than just "male" bonding.


INTO YOU: He will notice the smallest things about you, like a new pair of earrings or newly trimmed hair (believe us, for guys, these things are small). He will compliment you freely, and it won't be followed by an obnoxious laugh. And most importantly, he can took straight into your eyes when he says it.

This article originally appeared in the December 2009 issue of Candy Magazine.









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I don't know. by Mariella Ysabel Amatus

I don’t know what to do. I feel lost. I don’t know what to do. I feel alone. I don’t know what to do. I feel abandoned. Dreams are things we ought to have. Without them, we might never know where will our future take us. We seem to be trained to have them. I want to be a nurse. I want to be a doctor. I want to be an engineer. I want to be a lawyer. Those are the lines children tell in front of people. It seems simple to dream. To have an ambition. Well, I thought it is. But, now, as I put a book on my lap, thinking about where my fate will lead me, it isn’t.

I feel drowned in the responsibility of knowing what I wanted. The season of college entrance tests are coming. Yet, I feel nothing but doubtful. I studied, but now, I am not doing such a thing. I felt so engrossed the last time I checked myself months ago. Now, I am unsure of what I want to do. I have to study. Yes, I know. However, I feel so dismissive to do something. I can’t even point out what’s the problem in me.

What am I doing? I must go, open some books, and study hard. But, I am never doing it in this present moment. Instead of challenging myself with tons of knowledge, I am here writing this passage with my mind resonating with unspoken words and truth. I seem insane, right? What will happen to me if I keep on doing nothing? Well, simple. I will never be successful - I know that. Then, what must I do?

Asking myself such a question will never suffice what I really need. Because, I’ve been asking myself questions all the time. Yet, I’ve never come up with answers. I don’t know what to do. I feel like being pained. I don’t know what to do. I feel like being tortured. I don’t know what to do. I feel like being misunderstood. I don’t know what to do. I don't know.

A Stranger "Things"

strangers can be not strangers, they can be someone else

Isn't it intimidating to interact with strangers? Majority will say "yes" certainly. No doubt, parents also come up with their very classic "Don't talk to strangers" smart advice for their children. But come to realize to take the opposite approach of it as we grow older, there's a tangled idea in our head it it is beneficial or not.

Finding comfort to someone we don't know is like finding a needle in the bunch of hay. A blurry-blurry thing, a no-percent no-possibility to happen. But not to compare, for others it's like their way of finding comfort, way to socialize, way to widen their circle of acquaintance, that's why psychologist somewhat agree with it. If the person didn't give you a ghastly vibe, why not give it a try to interact. It's kinda weird thing to open doors for strangers,but at the same time, its interesting. Think of this, why its easy for others to share secretes of them, or to have pretty intimate conversation to random person? Cause they say, "No judgement".

Why its okay to ask help to person we dont know if we are in unfamiliar place? Cause they can help us, and same goes in other way. Bottomline, Strangers are not just strangers or a person we dont know, or a person that our parents taught us not to talk to. They can be someone else who can help us in times of unfamiliarity of places or thing. They can be the person who sit next to you in the bus who ask for a little help for direction and end up having a great conversation.

They can be a lot more we didn't expect to, and you can tell by yourself that your best of friends you have today are once a complete stranger to you yet you end up having a strong bond of friendship. They are the person we completely don't know, we dont know their upbringings or what, but sometimes the can be more helpful to us than the others we know. By simply having a casual conversation with them, we're not noticing that they are giving us a diffirent approach to different aspects in life and unfortunately, this idea overpowers by just word "stranger". Hopefully, maybe now or then, we're very thankfull that we took the opposite approach of "do not talk to strangers"

marj carbonel 8 hours ago
Nyla David 8 hours ago

Hi Candy! I saw a repost of your IG story from one of my good friends who happens to be your candy rookie, Margaux Nonato, about students who started their business this quarantine season. I wanted to submit my own story as well but didn’t have the guts to do so, until I read the stories of some students who happen to share the same experience as mine!

Telling my own story might be a little overdue, now that you’ve already published the article but I wanted to give this a try still if it means inspiring other people as well. I am an incoming third year medical student from De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute and I have also decided to do something productive (aside from studying my backlogs of course) and something unique that may help me to challenge myself into exploring new things aside from human anatomy, pathology, and all those medical greatness.

Kudos to everyone who decided to start their online businesses! I must say it isn’t easy at all so we all deserve a round of applause for doing great and getting this far! I’ve always been a fan of baking since I was a kid. I remember making my own chocolate chip cookies when I was in second year high school and back then, I only baked with a microwave (since our oven was whack) and used choco choco as the chocolate in my cookies ???? they are not as bad as they seem! Trust me!

Since then I’ve always dreamed of finding the perfect recipe. I took Biochemistry in college and went straight to studying Medicine so my plan in finding the perfect recipe was always postponed since studying for my future patients will always be my number one priority. (Naks) Then Coronavirus happened. I just finished my last semester for 2nd year Med last June and I’ve decided to finally come up with the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, then tried selling them for extra allowance to help in our expenses. In addition to my chocolate chip cookie recipe, I’ve also managed to bake chocolate crinkles and different varieties of brownies! Who would’ve thought that a super busy medical student would have the chance to bake and create her own online business as well? (While in Med School!!!)

So then I started my online business, named “Harina Manila”.You can also find it on instagram and facebook @harina.manila!! I like to call my baked goods “paboridough” because the ones that I bake are indeed my favorites and I‘d like to share it with everyone. Kaya sa mga broken hearted jan, dibale nang hindi ka niya pinili, sa Harina Manila, ikaw ang aming paboridough ???? (hahaha corny!) From deciding what to name your business, to buying ingredients almost every week, and finding the right packaging that fits your style, starting your own online business really takes time and dedication! But as they say, kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga!

This goes not only to medical students like me, but to all students who are struggling to keep themselves sane this quarantine season. Amidst the pandemic that we are facing right now, I hope that we may not forget to take good care of ourselves both physically and mentally. May we find the courage to remain optimistic and try new things that could help us grow and become better. Sharing with you my story this quarantine season, I hope I may be able to inspire other people into believing that they too, can do something amazing, heck there’s no limit to what we can all achieve! As long as we work hard for it, malayo ang mararating natin! I thank you, Candy Mag, for spreading good vibes and inspiration to everyone by publishing good stories! To all the lovely readers who took their time to read Candy’s article, if this ever gets published, I hope you remind yourselves today that you are capable of doing amazing things and that there is no limit to what you can achieve. Fighting! Dont forget to visit, like, and follow my page on Facebook and Instagram, Harina Manila (@harina.manila) and try out some of our baked goods! We got you covered, my paboridough! Thank you! ??

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