How to Curb Your Competitive Streak

Familiar situations and how to deal with them
by Micah Sulit   |  Feb 23, 2017
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They say it's a dog-eat-dog world. But sometimes we're the ones bringing the apple of discord. Here are suggestions on how to curb your competitive streak.

Instead of… Pretending you don't understand the lesson when your classmates ask so you'll get higher marks

It's better to… Help your peers out—because then they'd be willing to help you out, too, with the lessons you don't quite get

Instead of… Competing with other girls for the attention of a hottie form the basketball team

It's better to… Channel your energies into a more enriching activity, such as a new sport

Instead of… Splurging on trendy signature clothes and making sure everyone sees your branded #OOTDs

It's better to… Set aside cash for a monthly movie gimmick with friends (as clothes, ukay-ukay rocks)

Instead of… Feeling bad that your best friend got into a more prestigious university

It's better to… Focus on performing well in college—a host of new experiences and friends await you, no matter what college you attend


Instead of… Wanting to become the most popular girl in school, not to mention be crowned Prom Queen

It's better to… Build genuine and lasting relationships—even if your friends are few, you know you've got the best

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Instead of… Trying to beat your siblings at every little thing, from who can fry hotdogs the best to who gets the most Christmas gifts

It's better to… Bond over some good ol' board games like Pictionary or Scrabble (and gang up on your parents instead—just kidding!)

This story originally part of the article "And the Winner Is..." first appeared in Candy Magazine's November 2009 issue.

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