How To Change Your Life From Head to Toe

Life-altering changes don't always come with a big boom. Even little changes you make on the inside and outside can turn your life right side up.
  |  May 22, 2010
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What shall we call this new creation?

What's in a name? A lot actually. Your name carries with it your reputation and all the things people know about you. Up until now, you've lived with the name your parents chose (which you may love or hate), and you've calmly accepted the long list of nicknames you've earned through the years - some nicer than others. But the only way to win the name game is by choosing your own name. Everybody knows good ol' Nicky but as the all-new Monique, you make up the rules. The element of surprise gives you the edge (and adds to the fun—just watch the look on their faces when your reintroduce yourself).

If mistakes or mishaps have marred your name, go ahead and change it! Your grade school friends may still joke about Klutzy Kat-Kat but you can wow them now when you reintroduce yourself as cool, confident Katrina. Nicknames can be cute and fun for a while, but Babes won't win the school election. .and do you really want your boyfriend to introduce you to his friends as Sugar Muffin? If you were fun-loving Barbie then, you can be Barbara now—a name more fitting for the more serious, successful you.

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A new name, a new style, a new smile - maybe change your hair color while you're at it. Go out there, girl and shout, "Help world, let me introduce you to me!" Let them stare, and when they say," You've changed," say proudly, "I know."

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