How To Change Your Life From Head to Toe

Life-altering changes don't always come with a big boom. Even little changes you make on the inside and outside can turn your life right side up.
  |  May 22, 2010
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Has anyone ever signed your autograph book, "Don't ever change" or "Stay as (fill in character trait here) as you are?" Have you ever wanted to completely reinvent yourself, but didn't? Experience tells us that change isn't always welcome. Change is scary-to you and to others. People like to know what to expect, and you're not too sure how they'd react if you did something unexpected...

But change is good, and sometimes necessary. Many things can weigh us down: a marred reputation ("She's supposedly so boy-crazy that she..."), an unfortunate incident ("Remember that one time when she...), or just boredom or disappointment in who we've become ("Oh well, I guess I'll always be the funny one."). When all that baggage gets too heavy, it's easy to feel like you can't move or breathe. Dreams slip away, goals are put aside, and chances are missed because changes weren't made. The only way to start fresh is to shed the heavy, crusty old skin, and make way for the new you.


Since life is no fairy tale, we can't wave our magic wands and transform you from Raggedy Anne to princess. But what we lack in wands, you can make up for in willpower, courage, and some Candy-coated words of wisdom.

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Hands: Find a new life project.

Like anything new, you'll need to break in your new self. It may not seem to fit at first, but the longer you keep at it, the more natural it will feel. Practice makes perfect after all. If you don't look or feel like the new You yet, try acting the part.

Put your hands to good use and start a new life project. It can be anything from doing yoga everyday to volunteering at a local charity to starting your own small business. The important thing is you care about it enough to stick with it. Choose a project that will require you to change; it'll help keep you motivated. For example, if you want to be healthier, make running in a marathon your project. Then when you're tempted to scarf down that super-sized bag of potato chips, "The Project" will (hopefully) make you think twice.


Feet: Walk away from your old ways.

Now comes the hard part. Change isn't easy. "Out with the old" includes giving up a lot of things you've come to think of as part of yourself. But you're not old "you" anymore, so old things have to go, too. Some things are easy-goodbye tacky nail polish if you're going for Classy New You, goodbye junk food says Healthy New You.

It's not as easy to let go of old habits, old activities, and old friends. Yes, friends. You can't quit drinking if you hang out with your drinking buddies. You can't curb your shopping habit if you're always at the mall with your credit-card crazy crew. Some of your friends won't like the new you-maybe you study when they want to party (or party when they want to study), or you've got an opinion when the old you was "the quiet one." Lesser friendships will fall away if only because you might not have much in common anymore. Good news is that friendship grown with deeper roots will survive the test of change­-and that's the kind that matters.


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