How To Be The Leading Lady In Your Life

by Pia Dedace   |  Apr 10, 2010
photo by Patrick Martires
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If life were turned into a movie, how will you play out your role? Will you play your part well or will you settle for average performance? Candy teaches you to step up and shine in your own story. Lights, camera, action!

With Friends

You're not the prettiest, most talented girl.
A supporting character would: stare at the mirror and complain about her flaws. Insecurity alert!
A leading lady would: stare at the mirror and feel happy with what she sees. Though she recognizes her imperfections and weaknesses, she is comfortable in her own skin and takes pride in her unique qualities. She does not sulk when she encounters someone prettier or more talented that she is because she believes she can do whatever she sets her mind to. Most people are at ease with her because she can genuinely be happy for them. She walks confidently because she knows she has so much to offer, and because she has friends who embrace her for who she is.

There's a falling out between you and your friend.
A supporting character would: clam up and pretend nothing's wrong until things worsen.
A leading lady would: Confront the issue head-on. When a friendship feud occurs, she knows that the more she stays silent, the more things aggravate. She does not allow ill feelings to brew by talking behind her friend's, or anyone's, back. She keeps her emotions in check and remains level-headed by seeking advice from the friends she turns the most. She's willing to listen and let her friend explain her side. More importantly, she's humble enough to say she's sorry and to offer forgiveness.


In School

The teacher asks a question in class.
A supporting character would: not raise her hand even if she knows the answer.
A leading lady would: immediately grab the chance to speak her mind. She has studied intently the previous evening and she comes to class armed with knowledge. She lets her mentors recognize her efforts to learn more. Sometimes, she may be unsure if her answer is correct buy she's not afraid to make a mistake in front of her classmates. She would also not pass up any learning opportunity as reciting frequently trains her to think well on the spot.

A major project is to be done by groups.
A supporting character would: wait for an appointed group leader to assign her some tasks.
A leading lady would: Assert herself and volunteer to be in charge of the project. It's not because she wants to hog all the attention or to receive credit for the group's work. It's because she knows she has a lot to contribute and she's confident to take on more responsibilities. She gets along effortlessly with others and she knows the value of teamwork. And when pressure builds up, a true leading lady doesn't get thrown off her course easily.

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