How To Be Cyber Savvy

Rule the virtual world with proper net etiquette.
by Jennie Llamas-Garcia   |  Apr 14, 2010
photo by Dakila Angeles
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Gone are the days when breaking up with someone involved meeting up with that person and telling him to his face, "Honey, it's not you, it's me." Nowadays, it's as simple as typing a couple of words into an inanimate object and adding some punctuation marks for emotion. It sounds cruel, but it happens. That's why you, Candy Girl, must never forget that despite all the great things technology has to offer, you must still approach life with the human touch.

Don't use all CAPS. When e-mailing, posting a reply in a group, or blogging. It gives the impression of anger.
Do use appropriate punctuation marks
to illustrate your point.

Don't forget to use the subject line. When e-mailing. It gives the intended recipient a heads up.
Do make the title of your e-mail short
, sweet, and direct to the point.

Don't forward chain letters. Ever. They're annoying and they waste time and bandwidth.
Do trash useless forwards
the moment you receive them. You'll be doing yourself, and everyone else, a favor.


Don't participate in "flame" wars by responding to rude messages in chat, newsgroups, or message boards. It's tempting, but resist the urge.
Do leave any conversation if it makes you uncomfortable.
Simply ignore rude messages.

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Don't ever post suggestive or inappropriate pictures of your friends in your social networking site. It's terribly rude, and you can cause a great deal of hurt.
Do always ask permission from your friends before posting any pictures of them.
Would you like it if you saw a picture of yourself on Facebook in a compromising situation?

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