How to Be Alone

by Cidee Despi   |  Jan 22, 2015
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Admit it, sometimes you want to withdraw away from the world and just have some me time. And understandably, you’re scared. In a world that begs to stay connected, being alone is frowned upon. We scare ourselves off from spending some time in solitude in fear of being labeled lonely. When truth is, the occasional alone time is actually good for you. We lay out some ground rules on how to enjoy some healthy alone time.

Rule no. 1: Be okay with the idea of being alone. Know that it's alright to not have company all the time. Sometimes, it's not being alone itself that we don't like, it is the judgment of other people that bothers us. P.S. it's totally okay to spend time with yourself and nobody else!

Rule no. 2: Tune the world out. This means disconnecting from social media—you don't want to dwell on self-pity if you see your friends posting about the sleepover. Get rid of that fear of missing out. Detoxify from the noise of the social world. Whatever happens, do not check your phone.


Rule no. 3: Do something. Being alone doesn't always mean locking yourself up in your room. Been itching to try out yoga or painting? Then, go ahead. Been planning to visit that newly-built museum in town? Then, go get yourself a ticket. Been wanting to check out a certain restaurant? Remember, alone time is one of the best ways to discover yourself and the things you're passionate about.

 Rule no. 4: Shut the noise out. Perhaps the scary part about being alone is getting trapped in your thoughts. Instead of entertaining ugly thoughts, you should use your solitude to free your mind. Think good and happy thoughts. It is in your solitude when you get to create something that isn't influenced by others.

Rule no. 5: Learn to love yourself. You don't need other people's presence to validate your existence. Once you're comfortable with yourself, the ultimate thing that being alone can teach you is how to accept and love yourself. 

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Are you ready for some well-deserved me time? What other tips do you have for other Candy Girls who are planning to clock in some quiet time this weekend? Leave a comment below!

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