How to Appreciate Your Morena Skin Tone

by Yana Kalaw   |  Aug 22, 2017
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Despite having many foreigners envy the warm, sun-dipped glow that fair women always try to achieve by sunbathing and tanning, the morena beauty is still underrated. With us, Filipinos, having that golden skin tone, we tend to take it for granted. Instead, we opt for a whiter skin not knowing that our skin tone is what makes us unique that has been proven to be world class through the years.

Since the morena beauty has not really been celebrated as much here are some ways you can do to appreciate it even more:

  1. Be proud of our Filipino beauty queens and models.

The rise of Filipinos in beauty contests and the modeling industry is both overwhelming yet gratifying at the same time. Seeing them be part of the media where white beauty has always been preferred gives a sense of pride to all Filipinos. An achievement made by Filipinos, for Filipinos.

  1. Say no to shaming.

Every skin color is beautiful whether it may be white, brown, kayumanggi, or black. We should all show respect to each and everyone's skin color. Let's stop the "ay umitim ka" comments like there's something wrong with being dark because there's none. Let's all learn to accept each other's color.

  1. Don't let the media dictate your looks.

The mainstream media has always been a fan of white beauty. In every movie, tv series, and advertisement that you see, white women are the focal point. And especially in this time and age, you can't help but perceive beauty through the lenses of others. But you shouldn't let it get to you, honestly. Don't let it define how you should look.

  1. Be comfortable in your own skin.

We should be proud of our own skin color because it's what makes us unique. Why change something that you are born with especially when it's what makes you beautiful? A little self-loving on your part won't do you any harm.

How do you love the skin you're in? 

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