Here's How Much This Small Channel Earned From Her First YouTube Suweldo

She also shared an important tip for aspiring YouTubers like her.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Nov 17, 2020
Image: YOUTUBE/Joyce Nicole
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Many of us know by now that YouTube is more than just a platform for creative expression, it's also a means of earning extra income. Big-time vloggers like Alex Gonzaga, who's one of the highest paid YouTubers in the Philippines, earn at least six digits a month from the platform. But, on the other hand, how much can smaller channels earn from making YouTube content? 

Aspiring student-YouTuber Joyce Nicole currently has almost 7,000 subscribers on the platform and had her channel officially monetized in April 2020. In a vlog, Joyce shares the process it took before she finally started earning from making YouTube videos as well as how much she earned for her first payout.

She wasn't active when she was just starting out.

It took Joyce a few years before officially getting monetized, but that's because she admittedly wasn't as active with making videos as she had hoped back when she was just starting out. "When I started my YouTube channel few years ago, I only posted videos once a month. I wasn't really serious about my YouYube channel before," Joyce shares. "But right now, ever since I had several requests from my audience, I post videos regularly, almost every week. I make music, lifestyle, earning, and beauty videos."

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Her first payout from YouTube was around $120.

Joyce currently has a growing channel. For her first YouTube suweldo, she was able to rack up around $120 to $150 (roughly equivalent to P5,700 to P7,200), which is a pretty good amount for beginners.

Tip: Views and subscribers shouldn't be your main goal.

While the number of views and subscribers are very important parts in the process of monetization, it shouldn't be your main focus, Joyce says. Instead, focus on the type of content you produce and how often you do them. "Consistency is key. As a small YouTuber, always be consistent in producing your content. Number of views and subscribers won't matter in the beginning. Just continue vlogging about something you are really passionate about and one day you'll find audiences watching your videos." 

Interested in getting your channel monetized? Watch Joyce's vlog here:


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