How Much Is Too Much Skin?

When being naked starts being cool, we have to ask, is it really?
  |  Jun 26, 2012
photo via @selenagomez
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We're huge fans of fashion and self-expression through clothes. But sometimes we start to wonder, where have all the clothes gone? When Hollywood A-listers are snapped outside their house wearing shorts that don't cover much (P.S. we can see more than just your undies!) and midriffs that already look like bras, we have to do a reality check and ask, do you really want to walk around almost naked?

There's a place and time to bring out those teensy shorts and see-through cover-ups (like does the beach sound familiar?), but we have to get your opinion on this. Are you all for this sudden obsession with showing skin or do you think there's something sexy about covering up?

What do you think?

The more skin, the better! It's too hot here.
There's a place and time for barely there wear. Definitely not something I'd wear when I'm not on the beach.

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