Why Having a Best Friend Is Healthier Than Being in a Relationship

You are luckier than you think.
by Pam Carlota   |  Jan 15, 2017
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If you're sad over a failed relationship or just tired all those lovey-dovey couples you see floating everywhere, worry not because you're perfectly fine just the way you are. Take this time to appreciate the relationships you currently have because, TBH, nothing beats a best friend—a.k.a. a sister from another mother!

  1. Best friends can reduce stress.

A study conducted in 2011 proved that spending quality time with your best friend causes your stress hormones to decrease even when you're in a stressful time in your life. (via  huffingtonpost.com)

  1. They can boost your self-esteem.

Your best friend can bring you out of your sadness whenever you feel down. With them around, you learn to love yourself more—who else is going to laugh at your corny jokes aside from you, anyway? LOL! They adore all your silly and wacky ways, the ones that make you who you are. Plus, they will never cheat on you, too.

  1. You're genuinely happy when you're with them.

You just are!

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  1. You form a special bond with them and can basically read each other's mind.

When women are from Venus and men are from Mars, you and your best friend are a whole different story. With just a simple nod or eye contact, you instantly know each other's thoughts. Your partner-in-crime knows you well and got you covered!

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  1. You could achieve that #BodyGoals with them.

They are the perfect workout buddy because you're never shy around them and wouldn't care if they see your flabs bouncing while you're sweating it out. You and your BFF can motivate each other and swap helpful tips and advice, too. 

  1. Their company relaxes you.

You're never cautious around them. You can totallly be yourself whenever you're with them and never think twice to be who you really are. They already know everything about you and they've already accepted your flaws.

  1. You don't feel like you have an obligation to talk to them every day to keep the love alive.

Even when you have busy schedules and meet each other only after a month, your friendship will never be lost. Sure, you'll miss them but you understand that you have your own lives.

  1. You trust them more than yourself.

You value their opinion because they can be brutally honest with you.

Of course, you hit the jackpot if your boyfriend is also your best friend. Look for those kind of relationships, Candy Girls!

What are other ways a best friend can be the most special bond anyone can have? Share it with us in the comments!

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