How Happy Are You?

Find out how high you rate on life's happiness meter.
text by Macy Alcaraz; photo courtesy of Fox/ETC (Glee)
You wake up one morning with a tickle in your throat. You:
Panic! This is officially the last day of your existence. You quickly compose your goodbye message and send it to everyone in your phone book. Goodbye, cruel world!
Worry a bit, but decide that this is your body’s way of telling you to slow down and relax. One day of break time isn’t too much and you have friends who’ll help you catch up with schoolwork.
Rejoice because you get to skip school and lose weight in the process. Woohoo!
You get your report card and discover that you’ve failed one subject for the quarter. You:
Cry your eyes out and lock yourself in your room. You refuse to talk to anybody because you’re too ashamed of your grade. Your life is totally over!
Mope the rest of the day. Your mood picks up the next morning though, when you decide to hit your schoolbooks to get a head start on the next quarter. There’s always a way to pull up that grade!
Stuff your report card into your bag. It’s one subject! Who cares, right?
Your favorite ice cream flavor isn’t available at the store. This makes you feel:
Sad because nothing else can make your day better than your favorite flavor. What will happen now? You think, “I’m doomed to feel depressed forever!”
Bummed, but not enough to keep you from trying the store’s new flavor. After all, ice cream is ice cream!
Excited to try you second favorite flavor. Nothing makes you happier than a double scoop of yummy ice cream—who cares what flavor it is?
You’re on a road trip to the beach with you friends. The traffic situation is simply horrendous! You:
Frown and keep muttering under your breath, “God, this is the worst road trip ever!” You hate being in a stuffy car with no leg room. Whose idea was it to go on a road trip, anyway?
Are pissed like your friends, but you quickly turn the situation around by playing fun road games. Who says you have to be bored on the road?
Scream how much you can’t wait to get to the beach. This annoys your friends, but you keep jumping around in your seat and shrieking anyway. Yes, the entire way.
There’s a cool concert this weekend. You ask permission from your parents, but sadly, they don’t allow you to go. You:
Sulk and stop talking to them—this is war! All your friends are going to be there and it’s going to suck not being able to relate Monday morning at school when they all talk about it.
Think it’s unfair, but you’re still hopeful because you know your friends are going to call you when the band is playing your favorite song. Your parents didn’t say anything about not taking phone calls, right?
Totally understand. Besides, you can pop the band’s DVD in your player and put it on full blast. It’ll be just like in Araneta—even better since there’s no one to disturb you.
After an entire day of fun and adventure at an amusement park, you discover that your digicam’s memory card got corrupted! You:
Throw a tantrum and declare that you’re stupid and can’t even make a simple digicam work. You think, “What’s wrong with me?”
Get annoyed because you were looking forward to uploading your pictures on Facebook. But it’s okay, you know you can just grab the pictures from your friends’ albums.
Take silly pics of yourself and dub the album “I had SO much fun today!” You’re going to flood your friends’ inbox with your self-portraits even if you know they’ll get irritated.
Your favorite pair of shoes finally gave up on you—the sole is now permanently detached from the seams. You:
Get depressed because it was your parent’s birthday gift for you. You don’t want to wear any other footwear, even if it means taping up the sides of your shoes so they won’t fall apart.
Take a picture of it for posterity’s sake, then browse online for new shoes. No need to cry over a pair, after all, your feet are getting bigger. You’re bound to get new ones, anyway.
Don’t sweat it. But you tell your parents, maybe they should’ve given you a more expensive pair because the shoes don’t seem high-quality enough for you!










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